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October 2010 Weddings

My busy WR weekend - including my bachelorette party.

I just realized that I'm probably not going to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time after noon today.

This afternoon, we go pick up the wine (yes, the wine that I'd forgotten about, haha).  Immediately after that, I have to rush to get to the boutique where I ordered my bridesmaids' wraps, because they called and told me that they are ALREADY in!  After that, we have to grab a few things at the store for me to prepare for tomorrow, because I am going to surprise all of the girls with snacks for our make up trials.  Then, we'll have just enough time to get home, get changed, and go to a club of all places, because we have to talk to a friend of ours who is a DJ (but not the DJ for our wedding) and the only time we seem to be able to coordinate is during his Friday night shift at a local industrial/metal/faux-goth bar.  Following that, we're coming home and spending some quality alone time together in the bed because, busy or not, we keep our priorities straight. ;)

Saturday is papa (that's what the kids call my fiance)/kids day.  He is taking them out for a few hours to the park at the river to play and have ice cream while my bridesmaids come over and, along with my daughter and myself, we have MAKE UP TRIALS!  We have two make up artists coming in (one from our city, one from Toronto) and are going to spend a few hours going over wedding day looks.  I'm providing light finger snacks, chocolate mousse, and cocktails for everyone - except my daughter, who gets everything but the cocktails!

Following the make up trials, the girls and I (sans daughter, who is too young for the casino, therefore unable to attend) are heading to Niagara Falls for dinner at the Hard Rock, ridiculous photos along the tourist strip, and gambling goodness at the casino!  I am looking SO forward to a stress-free night out with the girls. I really am!

I'll get home early Sunday morning, have enough time to snuggle up with my fiance and sleep for a couple of hours, get back up, and go for the boys' suit fittings/orders.  We were going to do tuxes for them, but being that they are huge Barney Stinson fans, they want to "suit up" and buy their own full suits.  My 11 year old even went with me to the suit shop to make the appointment for them and told the guy, in great detail, exactly what they are looking for in a suit, how they want it to fit, and what colours he feels would work best.  It was pretty hilarious.  After their fittings, we are taking the kids out for family dinner because as busy as we are with wedding, we're making sure we have plenthy of family time, too.  The kids are very excited about the wedding, but we don't want them to feel like it is more important than they are, you know? 

I'm not sure if we're dropping by the print shop tonight or Sunday to find out how the comic is coming along, but we have to squeeze that in there, as well. 

So, I won't be around - but I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and that all of the girls who are also having bachelorette parties and/or showers this weekend have a great time! 

Re: My busy WR weekend - including my bachelorette party.

  • You are going to be a busy girl! 

    Have fun! i love Niagra falls!  I grew up in northern Ohio so we went there all the time!  

    I cant believe that those wraps are in already! Awesome!

    Make sure you take lost of pictures!  
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  • wow, busy busy busy!! but it all sounds so fun!! you better come back equipped with loads of pictures!!
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