Suggestions for where to go dress shopping?

Does anyone have any suggestions for places to go or to avoid for wedding dress shopping in the Phlly area?  Thanks!

Re: Suggestions for where to go dress shopping?

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    I was not pleased with the selection or service at Arielle Bridal in Ambler.  Country Bride in Upper Gywnedd had a nice selection of sizes and styles.  I ended up getting my dress at Bridals by Sandra in Nazareth (near Easton).  Depending where you live, it may be a haul, but the prices and selection were wonderful.
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    I got my dress at Anne Bailey's in Doylestown and had a great experience there.
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    I got mine from Saide's bridal in bensalem and thought they were good!
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    I got mine from Country Bride and Gent and the people that work there are pretty nice.
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    I also got my dress at Ann Bailey's and they have been fabulous to work with.  I looked at a lot of places, but thought Ann Bailey's had the best selection and great service.  Good luck with the search!
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      I bought my dress in DE ( No TAx ) The store is called Brides and Grooms ! Faith helped me with my dress I had picked some dresses out to try on and just had not found the one. She asked if she could pick a couple out for me as well and the one she picked for me was the one I bought ! My dress is AWESOME ! I could have died when I found out how little my dress cost. They also cap out at 250 $ when it comes to workiing on your dress. Only thing is if you have a GPS it can not locate the store you really need to call for directions !!!!

    I as well went to Ann Bailyes they are very nice and have very pretty dresses but it is a really really really long drive. My aunt lives that way so I was going for a visit. I did find a dress there but with all the driving that I knew was going to happen I decided to keep on looking for a dress thats when I went to DE !!!

    Good Luck
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    I got mine at POB at their sample sale for a steal. 

    Check out Sabrina Ann's.

    Also The Sample Rack For high end gown at affordable prices.  
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    I went dress shopping at Sposabella, Anne Baileys, La Bella Moda and The Wedding Shoppe.  I ended up getting my dress at TWS and had a fabulous experience.  Of the rest though, La Bella Moda in Conshohocken was the best.  Great selection and nice staff.  I actually had a terrible experience at Anne Bailey, but I seem to be in the minority. They do have a big selection though.

    I got my veil at Sabrina Ann's and had a really nice experience there as well.  They seemed to have a nice variety of dresses.
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    I second Brides & Grooms in Newark, DE. I worked with Marie (daughter of the owner) and I felt like I was the only customer in the store.. I have had to make many trips down to B&G because of my bridal party getting their dresses and everytime I am treated as I am the only bride there. They are fabulous. They price match everything too!! Plus if you get your dress there, BM received 15% off and you get a discount on your veil too!! For my BM dresses, they were listed at $197 there, I found a place in DE (which had a bad rep) that would sell them for $146 so they matched it, no questions asked!!

    Advice: If you go on a Saturday afternoon, with in this month you will have to wait for a dressing room, its Prom Season and packed. My mom and I went on a Monday night after many Sat trips and Monday was EMPTY!! They have a TON of options for both BM, MOB and Brides. Also ask for Marie & Faith, they are both so nice!!

    As for directions, DO NOT USE YOUR GPS!!! Your GPS will hate B&G and you will end up at a dead end with it telling you "You have reached your destination." Easiest way to get there is take I-95 S to the Churchman Road/Christiana Hospital Exit ( I believe it's 4B)... Get off that exit and stay to your right.. You will pass Toys R Us, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Christiana Hilton and Christiana Hospital all on your left. You will come to a light with Delaware Park ahead of you. You want to turn Left at that light. Go left.. you will go about 1 mile down the road. Look for a PNC sign... as you get closer you will see a turning lane right before a light. Turn at the turning lane into the shopping center. PNC is right there as is Dunkin Donuts. If you miss it go to the first light, make a U turn and turn in to the parking lot. If you have passed Seasons Pizza on your right you missed the turning lane!!!

    Hope this helps!! Tell Marie you heard about it on

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    Oh I really liked the The Wedding Shoppe as well.  I tried on dresses several times there and the girl, I forget her name was great.  

    I also went to Bella Moda and they were pretty good.  

    I went to Lizelle, but didn't like the gowns.  

    I went to a designer in Lancaster after trying on her dresses at The Wedding Shoppe, my mom really liked her dresses.  

    I for real tried on a million dresses.  I also went to 2 shops in London.  

    I getting the dress I bought at the sample sale altered into what I want, as I couldn't find exactly everything in one dress.   I also recommend Nilah the dressmaker, who will altering my dress.  
    She will go to Sabina Anns or The Sample Rack and see a gown and tell you if it can be changed into what you want including making it fit if it's the wrong size.  
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    There is also Bridal Garden in Marlton, NJ.  I had an appointment to go there, but ended up finding my dress before at the Wedding Shoppe.  However, they are supposed to be a great place with a big selection and knowledgable staff. 
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    i got mine at sabrina ann's ... they were AMAZING and my dress was a fraction of the price... and worn once in a fashion show!
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    I got my gown at Jay West in Haddonfield NJ.  They have so many gorgeous dresses and I thought they were reasonably priced.
    Just an FYI for Brides and Grooms, I was in a wedding last year and the seamstress botched all of our dresses, the bride was so upset and they offered no help or compensation.  They have great selection and price, but do not get your alterations there!  I hear good things about Nilah (in the city) and the girls on the South Jersey board recommend Fashion Stitch alot.
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    I had a horrible experience at the Wedding Shoppe.

    BM's got their dresses at brides and grooms in delaware, and my GPS took me to the exact store....

    I got my gown at RK bridal in NYC, but brides and grooms had the same dress, for 200 less, and there wouldn't have been tax. Oops, sorry mom.
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    I went to Agnes Edmounds in Pottstown... If you dont mind the drive she has GORGEOUS stuff! And the Brides alterations are FREE!!! That was the main reason I went there. Her bridesmaids stuff too is super cute and very current!!
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