Leslie at Whimsical Welcomes

Has anyone ever used her before? Any reviews/advice? What kind of price range should i expect? Thanks!

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    I used her. I had to cut my flower budget and ended up just getting personal flowers from her but I LOVED my flowers!
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    Amy - I PM'd you. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Leslie, but I know the board has been a little wonky lately.
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    TCT--the board is less wonky with randomly deleting posts.  That mystery has been solved.  Now we only have to worry about people pretending to be me... because they have no life.

    To the OP--Whimsical Welcomes gets very high praise on this board.  I haven't seen a single bad review.  You can also check the blog in my signature to look at other florists that brides here have used.
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    I used her and absolutely loved her too!  She is so detail oriented and helped me with so many things other than flowers.  I love the worksheet she developed for me. It really helped me feel involved in the design, helped organize me,  and spelled out everything that was going on.  She responds really quickly and was very patient even with my stupid questions.  I think one of the best things about her is that she doesn't have set prices because she designs so differently for everyone.  And I guess cost depends on what flowers you use, and who buys containers.  She's really good with DIY ideas too.  My friend used her who had a small wedding and spent about $1800.  I had a larger wedding with a larger budget( around 3K)  and was thrilled with my flowers.  So I just can't tell you what to expect.  Maybe somewhere in between the two?  Good luck.  Be prepared for a lot of information and ideas when you meet!
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    We've only just started working with her but very happy so far!
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