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October 2010 Weddings

Okay I know this is dumb but...

When you mail the invites do you HAVE to take them to the post office or can you just dump them in a mail box? I know this is a silly question, but I get anxiety really badly and...it's kicking in right now!! AHH!!

Someone please calm my nerves? :(
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Re: Okay I know this is dumb but...

  • Technically you could drop them in a box, but I would take them to the P.O. directly just to be safe.
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    A lot of people recommend hand canceling so that the invites don't get damaged by being run through the automatic postal machine.  That's why they take them in.  I dumped mine in the box (at Post Office - not just one on a corner somewhere).
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  • I dumped most of them at the box at the post office (I refuse to get in line)... but I did drop the stragglers off at the free standing boxes around town... Everyone got their invites, so I'm not worried :)
  • i'm taking them to the drop box @ the post office!  not giving it to them directly, though i guess i could...
  • Ours didn't have anything delicate so we took them to the post office but just put them in the mail slot.
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  • Alright! I already had to pay the extra postage to get them hand cancelled because of the ribbon! (Yes, I got the ribbon on my invites... *Sigh*)

    Okay, *anxiety has disappeared*. I know I sound crazy, but those two answers alone calmed me down. Thanks both :)
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  • Extra postage is just because of the ribbon/bulk.  They shouldn't charge you to hand cancel.
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  • Wow, I had a late post! I'm surprised to see so many just dumping them in the box!!
    I love how some of you are going to the post office, but not going inside. That's probably what I'll end up doing... with 100 invitations! lol
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  • In Response to Re: Okay I know this is dumb but...:
    [QUOTE]Extra postage is just because of the ribbon/bulk.  They shouldn't charge you to hand cancel.
    Posted by Meagan78[/QUOTE]

    Really? They told me that since they couldn't fit it in the machine, I would need to pay the extra postage so they could be hand cancelled
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  • I have heard that you're not supposed to dump them all in the same box if you have a lot.  Something about mass mailings.  If you only have 50 or so invitations, I don't think it's a big deal.  Otherwise, maybe drop them in a few different blue boxes, or drop them in the blue box at the Post office.
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  • There's a line of 4 boxes right outside my local post office for mail :P How fun it would be to throw some in each. I'd be nervous about them all going out at the same time then though...
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    I have never heard of them charging for hand canceling.  Lots of people do it!!  I have heard of them charging more when you have an oddly shaped or oversized envelope.  20c right?  I asked about hand canceling when I went in to weigh mine/buy postage and they said no charge.  They said there is a weight surcharge if the envelope is square or if you have buttons or bows inside.
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  • Guess you are right although they don't seem to be charging those who just *choose* hand canceling for kicks and giggles.
    USPS says:



    Dimension Minimum Maximum
    Height 3-1/2 inches 6-1/8 inches
    Length 5 inches 11-1/2 inches
    Thickness 0.007 inch 1/4 inch

    Any item smaller than the minimum dimensions is not mailable. 
    For larger items, see large envelopes or packages.
    For envelopes, length is the dimension parallel to the address.

    Letters that meet one or more of the nonmachinable characteristics below are subject to the nonmachinable surcharge. For items over 3.5 ounces, see large envelope or package prices.

    It is a square letter

    It is too rigid – does not bend easily

    It has clasps, string, buttons, or similar closure devices

    It has an address parallel to the shorter dimension of the letter

    It contains items such as pens that cause the surface to be uneven

    The length divided by height is less than 1.3 or more than 2.5

    Square Envelope

    The minimum size for a square envelope is 5 x 5 inches. 
    Square letters are subject to the nonmachinable surcharge.

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  • Hmm I'm really confused now.
    We did measure and weigh the packed invite, and it said .44c. When we went up to double check she said "nope, the ribbon will mean it has to be hand cancelled so its 61c" Hmmm
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  • our invites are square and have to be hand stamped so they did cost more to send out....but oh well!!  and we dropped ours off in the box at the post office.....we didnt have to worry about them being hand stamped because squares cant go through the machines anyway!
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  • I plan on taking mine in and handing them to someone. I have to get a few extra stamps and buy a ton of forever stamps for TYs (and stock up before the price goes up) anyhow.
  • In Response to Re: Okay I know this is dumb but...:
    [QUOTE]Hmm I'm really confused now. We did measure and weigh the packed invite, and it said .44c. When we went up to double check she said "nope, the ribbon will mean it has to be hand cancelled so its 61c" Hmmm
    Posted by schroead[/QUOTE]my invites were 44 cents too but since i have a ribbon on the inside the lady told me i had to add an extra 20 cents so that it would not go through the machine and destroy the ribbon...i guess that means hand cancelling it...so thats why mine is 64 cents now. 
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  • nonmachinable = hand-cancelled
  • I work in direct marketing I live for mailings :) ... the basic rule is if it doesn't fit through a predetermined slot that is fairly slim (basically what won't break the machine) requires more postage. Bulk mailings only apply for mailings of 500 or more and they have to be sorted by zip code usually. 

    I had mine weighed and checked by the post office and I weighed in around $.61 I would suggest just slapping the postage on and dropping them in the box at the post office. The most damage that happens to mailings happens in the machines but it only effects printed things (will smudge ink around edges because of the heat) so unless your envelope is full bleed no worries there. :) Good luck!
  • I was just gonna dump mine in the mailbox, but gonna take them to the office just to make sure I have enough postage (I just have one stamp on them, but I have the outer envelope, the inner envelope, the cardstock invite, an rsvp card, the self-addressed stamped rsvp envelpe, and the tissue paper... so i'm hoping that it's all still covered under the one stamp postage).
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  • Mine were .81c each because I had all the exceptions, square, ribbon and 2.1 oz.  The guy told me that there was extra postage for hand-cancelling.  We decided just to make it look the best we could and put 2 .44c stamps on it so there is even a little extra on each invite.  We didn't want to put 3-5 stamps on each to get the exact .81c.  I plan on taking mine to the big box at the post office and dropping there.  The P.O I'm taking them too has always had good customer serivce and is in the "ritzy" part of town so I know they will be good to my invites!
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