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Another sneak peek! PiP (ETA! HELP!!!)

I had emailed the photog to ask her if the cake looked blue or lilac in the pro pics, just to ready myself, because I figured it still looked too blue, because it did in real life even.  lol

Anyway, she's a sweetheart (and is really good at dealing with insane people like me) and so she sent me an un-edited pic.  It's still too blue, but that was the baker's fault, not hers.  But, it's a good picture anyway (bonus - I don't look like I am missing any teeth in this one!).


I can't wait to see them all next Friday!

UPDATE:  She sent me a quickly color-corrected version, using the color from Keith's tie. What do you think?  It's closer to what I originally wanted me cake to look like... do you think I should ask her to correct it in all the cake pics?  She said it shouldn't take her too long or anything (I feel so bad asking this of her...)

Missing our little turkey.
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Re: Another sneak peek! PiP (ETA! HELP!!!)

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