Wishing I could fire the MOH

Without going into details, my sister who is my MOH has just recently completely pissed off and offended myself, fiancee and my parents all in less than a week.  None of us are the type to not speak to her anymore because in the end she is family, but we don't ever want to see her boyfriend again.  Now I feel like I want to fire her as the MOH (I also have a matron OH in the bridal party) and maybe even out of the wedding party all together.  I don't want her bringing him to the wedding either and and I'm sure my parents will agree.  Weddings are supposed to be about the couple and the friends and family that love and support them.  That's not her.
I'm not a very dramatic person, in fact it takes a ton to piss me off so you can believe me when I say she's really pissed me off this time and I don't think I will ever truely forgive her.  The wedding isn't until Oct. so who knows how it will all play out until then.  I'm not saying any of this to anyone for now, I guess I just wanted to vent on it a little. 

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    Can you live with yourself if you didn't invite your sister? If you want to remove her from the WP just be prepared for drama. I don't know what happened but just think about this. It is your and your FI wedding so you guys will have to decide. I am having problems with my FI's sister. We have come to a compromise that she can attend the wedding alone and is not allowed to it in the first 3 rows. She has done some horrible stuff (to the point where I dont want her there) but it is my FI's sister and my soon-to-be SIL. You don't want bad blood to start the marriage.
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    In the end I couldn't possibly imagine not having her in the wedding party and I don't like to stir up drama so I'm sure I would accept him being there (although I don't think he'll want to).  She has a lot to do to patch things up with me and my parents.  Hopefully she'll do it soon.  I sent her an email olive branch but also let her know why I was upset.  Told her I hope she will decide to treat the family better and then we can start over as friends and sisters.  I know an email is tacky but if I tried to talk to her she wouldn't give me the chance to say anything.

    I hope she calls me soon....
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