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AW: Non-Pro Pics before Thailand :)

Hi Ladies,

So we had an amazing weekend. We had our ceremony with about 25 friends and family members on Friday evening and was absolutely lovely.  I'm quite convinced that my florist is a genius (I can't wait for the pro pics of my bouquet - it had dahlias, callas, mokara orchids, pink peonies, and all other beautiful amazing flowers and lasted both nights).  We then did a dinner for most of those people, and stayed downtown.  Saturday was our reception with friends who'd flown in from all over the country (Florida, New York, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, Arizona, San Fran...) and has an incredible time.  

It was everything I could have hoped for, but didn't dare allow myself think would come together.

I have to say we had a few highlights:
1. entering the reception to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby"
2. dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
3. the weather was PERFECT. it rained the weekend before, was chilly until Thursday, and then we had a day that was 78 degrees and sunny.  it then rained Saturday morning (done by 10am) and was beautiful and 72 into the early evening!
4. our first dance was tremendously fun - in homage to how long we've known each other (since we were 10 and 11) we did 20 seconds of awkward middle school dancing - with as much room as possible and arms totally straight.  We then did 30 seconds of high school dancing - high school sway with a 2 second bit of "freak-nasty" for the comedy element.  Finally did the "adult" dancing which was the sweet touching section where we were comfortable together and did our botched 3-step spin routine :)  
Ceremony at Japanese Friendship Garden.  DH was so handsome, loved hair, makeup and mouthed "you look beautiful" as soon as I got up there which felt so amazing.

 Our Best Man decorated a car for us - it was awesome and  also filled with balloons that we had to pop before we could get in.  And can I say my arms look incredible?  I heart my personal trainer!!!!

Our First Dance - looked beautiful, but should have bustled the dress first.  This was the only really stressful event of the night!  We were both TERRIFIED because we'd only practiced the morning of and I'm a crappy choreographed dancer.  DH found a video on YouTube of a dance and was trying to teach it to me. LOL.

Dress #2 and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" - one of the most-danced-to songs and we had a BLAST!!

Seriously, thank you for being here for me over the last several months.  It's been amazing to have this group of ladies here to bounce ideas off of, to vent when guests/vendors/relatives were being dumb, and to have an incredibly supportive network.  I can't wait to get my pro pics to show to you, but wanted to post these before leaving for Thailand tomorrow morning :)  xoxoxo

We do have more pics on Facebook, so let me know if you want me to add you if we aren't already friends!!!

Re: AW: Non-Pro Pics before Thailand :)

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