please T&P needed for my Dad

OH MY GOD, As if I didn't have enough things to stress me out, worry about, and have anxiety about, my dad needs to be admitted to the hospital for cellutitis in his arm.  They tried a high dose of oral antibiotics, but that is not working so he is going to the hospital today, hopefully for just one night, not two. I am sick with worry. This really could kill him, its serious, esp  that it is right near his elbow, so the doc wants this taken care of ASAP. 

So please for the love of all that is holy, please let my dad be ok. If this doesn't work, he will need to get his arm cut open and the infection drained that way. And who knows how long he will be out of work with that. UGH! 

I feel really bad for my mom too, she hasn't been without my dad, like ever. I feel bad for them both right now, I am so sad.


Re: please T&P needed for my Dad

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