Make Up Trial! Need your opinion please!

Okay, so the MU trial went sooo well. I love the girl, she's awesome and knows what she's doing. Asian eyes are hard but I really love how it turned out. So I told the girl to do two different styles so I can choose and now I can't because I like both. The MUA couldn't choose either. The other stylists in the salon were 50/50. So now I need your help, which one do you like better? Green or purple? Just to add, the eye with the purple make up looks smaller because it is already naturally smaller and with the fake eyelashes it was really heavy so it made my eye even smaller than they already are. We're going to do individual lashes on the day of. Here are pics of inside, outside, and close ups. Sorry for sooo many pics.

Re: Make Up Trial! Need your opinion please!

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