MOB Dress Stresser - Help!

My mom is being great while I'm planning the wedding and all, except for when it comes to the dress she will be wearing.  My parents are currently going through a divorce, so my mom is treating this wedding as a "look what you're missing out on" affair, and trying to find a dress that fits that theme!  We have argued on this topic countless times.  I don't expect her to look matronly, she is only 50, but I want her to look like the d&mn mother of the bride!  She is leaning toward tight and to the knee (and yes, she can pull off anything), whereas I'd prefer her in something long as the wedding is can still be tight!  Please please please help me with a plan to get her in a longer dress....and to that fact.....where to find this dress!

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    What length are the bridesmaids dresses? That should help dictate the length/formality of her dress. If they're long, that helps your arguement that she should be in a long dress... especially if the Mother of the Groom and anyone else wedding party-ish will be in a long dress.

    Honestly, though, will it really have that big of an impact on your day if she is in a knee-length dress? It sounds like she's going through alot right now, and it might mean more to her to be in the style of dress she wants than it's going to end up meaning to you... for my wedding, I was most concerned with the length and style of my dress, everyone else could really do as they pleased!

    When looking for MOB dresses, we found Nieman Marcus had a good selection, and my mom found one she liked at Nordstrom. She ended up getting her dress from Van Cleve in Paoli (she was able to order exactly what she wanted in the color and fabric she wanted and loved her dress!).

    Good luck!

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