Aida Davis, Natalie Pagano, or Christine Thompson?

Has anyone used any of these ladies for your hair/makeup? Or heard any buzz or recommendations for them? Thanks!

Re: Aida Davis, Natalie Pagano, or Christine Thompson?

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    I've heard good things about Natalie Pagano, though I've never heard of the other ones.

    I used Alisha Quinn. She was amazing! She came to our hotel and did 3 of my bridesmaids and myself.  She's super sweet and a perfectionist.  She was touching up everyone's hair as the photos were starting and stuck around until we  got on the limo to leave in casewe needed anything. 

    Her email is [email protected] if you are interested.  i also have her phone number as well. 
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    I worked with Natalie Pagano. She did my hair, my mother, mother-in-law, and 2 friends. She does great work and she's so sweet.

    There are some pictures in my married bio - I need to update it!
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    Don't know the others but Natalie did my hair for my friend's wedding and she's really good and very nice.
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    I had a trial with Natalie Pagano.  Email me at cathy dot golata at gmail dot com and I'll let you know my experience.
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