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October 2010 Weddings

Did anyone else hate their first makeup trial?

I had my makeup trial on Saturday, and beforehand, I really thought that finding a good makeup artist couldn't be that hard (I mean, if *I* can do a decent job, someone who knows what they're doing has to be able to do a GREAT job, no?)

Well,  I HATED it!  I can't decide whether I hated it because they did a bad job, or if maybe I just don't like the way I look with the amount of makeup necessary for photos.

Did anyone else hate their first makeup trial? Did you wind up finding another person who was better? Or did you work with the person you had to make changes? Did you wind up loving or hating it on the day of?

( I don't want to post pics because I hated it *that* much.)

Re: Did anyone else hate their first makeup trial?

  • I didn't like mine either... my girl is talented, I just didn't give her any direction so I sent her a pic of something I like and am having another trial to see if she can recreate it.
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  • I wasn't in love with it, but I think that part of it was that like you I'm not used to seeing myself with that much makeup.

    my hair trial was done at the same time, I wasn't too thrilled with that one either since she made the messy bun way too big.

    But since they are done through the venue (it's an Inn that has a spa/salon on site), I'm not looking for someone else.  The woman who was supposed to do my hair had gotten into a car accident the night before, so it was a different girl that who will be doing it for the wedding
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  • Did you give an inspirational picture or just let her do her thing?
    i'm not having a makeup trial, but i have a picture
    and if she can nail it just like in the picture, i'm sure i'm going to love it
  • I hated my first trial.  I ended up booking another artist because I didn't think there was any hope.  I also ended up getting hair & makeup through the same company which was easier.
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  • My make up trial went ok - but I had to pay for 3 hair trials before I found the one - keep searching don't settle for your wedding day.

  • My makeup trial I thought I had a TONS of makeup on, but when I took pictures, I realized it looked great and I loved it (and just wasn't used to seeing myself with that amount of makeup on).

    My first hairtrial on the other hand, I totally hated.  I had to go and get a second one done and I had major anxiety about it!

    Did you take pictures of yourself and judge by the pictures or just by what you saw in the mirror?  If you didn't like the pictures and you don't feel comfortable, go back until you are.  I know with my hair I needed that other trial because I felt super anxious about it.
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  • I didn't like my make-up trial. I also didn't like it in pictures. The eye make-up was way too heavy for my taste. I'm slightly concerned, because the woman who did my make-up (and hair) does her eye liner the same way she did mine, and I don't think it looks good on her, either! Decisions, decisions. :)
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  • tiny27tiny27
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    I hated my makeup trial and I loved my hair trial. 
  • I hated my first makeup trial. I don't have perfect skin and she just didn't put enough coverage on. She was free (won gift cards at a bridal show to use towards her) so it's no big loss to me. I haven't talked to her since and don't really plan on it. I had my hair trial the week after and just got a trial there at the salon I'm getting my hair done and it was SO SO much better. 
    Kristen & Ryan | 10.10.10
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  • I thought mine was too heavy.  So, I'm hoping she doesn't do it too light come the day of the wedding since I said something to her!

    Leigh Anne & Billy
    *October 2nd, 2010*
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