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How/where did you spend your 1st anniversary?  What gift did you get your DH?

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    Good question
    Our first anniversary is coming up  - we are doing a trip to CA to drive up the coast/go to wineries.   As far as a gift.. I am still not sure.  It's supposed to be paper, so I was thinking possibly tickets to something?   We also had decided to write each other letters on our 1st anniversary recapping the year/our feelings, so that will also be paper.
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    Our plan is a cruise or to a tour of Europe.
    I may do b--pics - paper but we'll see.

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    We're planning either a trip to Italy or a Mediterranean cruise.  No idea what we'll do for gifts.
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    We went to Newport, Rhode Island and stayed at a really nice bed and breakfast.

    We loved it there - we toured all the amazing mansions and went to delicious restaurants.

    It was such a nice escape after buying a home and my busy audit season.

    Next year, I am hoping for a carribean vacation again. The following year we won't do anything as we plan to go to Italy for my 30th birthday.
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    Our anniversary is close to my birthday and to Christmas so we probably won't spend much on gifts for each other.  Like pps, I want to do a weekend away somewhere.  Our parents got us a gift certificate to Normandy Farm so we could always just do an overnight where we had our reception if it comes down to it.
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