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After the reception, did anyone else...

...grab a bite to eat?

We got back to the hotel and, *ahem*, enjoyed husband and wife time, and then we went to Denny's. I didn't really eat during the reception, even though people kept telling me to...I just wasn't very hungry.

I'm totally fine with that though, because sitting there with my new husband, eating pancakes, talking about the days events was one of my highlights of the whole day.

Anyone else?
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Re: After the reception, did anyone else...

  • I was starving by the time we had the reception. I hadn't eaten since 7pm the night before. I was too nervous to eat breakfast the morning after.
    So I grabbed a plate of food, but only at like three bites and then I was full. Hahah.

    Nerves- or excitement rather- had me so I didn't really want to eat. But when it was all over my awesome little brother went and got us sandwiches to eat while DH and I took a bath in the jacuzzi tub. haha
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  • I really wanted to eat during the reception, but there just wasn't enough time!  I would've only really gotten to eat when everyone was dancing, but then I feel dumb sitting at the sweetheart table and eating while everyone is having fun... lol so DH and I, along with a few members of our bp, went to In-N-Out burger after!  It was wonderful :)

    of course, after we got back to the hotel, I realized that I could've had the banquet department send some food up to our room... darn it. 
  • we ordered food...I had plenty of opportunity to eat at the reception I just couldn't. didn't feel hungry, like others maybe it was excitement or nerves. anyway once we got to the hotel we ordered pizza lol.
  • I did not because I passed out in our suite. I definitely did not eat enough during the reception, but had my share of alcohol because there was a snafu with the videographer (they showed up after the ceremony), so I was upset and everyone was pumping me full of liquor.
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  • The reception hall sent us home with two extra meals, which we ate (with our hands since they didn't give us silverware and I was starving & too tired to go to the front desk and get some) while hanging out in the jacuzzi tub too!  Scott ate during the reception, but I only took a couple bites of each course
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  • We luckily got to eat at the reception so I wasn't too hungry afterwards but we did have a tray full of food at the afterparty for everyone and it was gone within like 10 minutes!

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  • We took cupcakes back to the hotel with us and ate them.
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  • We didn't eat much at the reception either, too excited and busy taking everything in since it was going by so quickly.

    We ordered room service at like 8 p.m., two enormous burgers on brioche buns...mmmm wedding night food :o) Oh, and watched the Simpsons lol.
  • Our reception hall gave us two extra meals when we left and since I was starving we ate.  Then we enjoyed husband and wife time :o)

  • I ate a little at the reception, since I knew I needed to.  Not more than a couple of prosciutto wrapped prunes, a few bites of beets, a couple bites of prime.  Nerves/excitement/stress over the lighting mistakes.  

    We started breaking down the reception decor, then hit the Taco Bell drive-thru at like 11pm :P  Which got cold, while we consummated ;)  We had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne for dessert.


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  • We definitely ate at the Reception. I didn't eat much the night before or during the day due to nerves so I was starving by the time the Reception rolled around. haha
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  • Our reception was at lunch time. We both got to eat. It was his uncles restaurant. Before we left they gave us the remainng grooms cake - blueberry cobbler. Unfortunately when we could not find the keys ti HB truck the youngest dog got in to it. Now there a blueberry stains on the front seat of his truck. We went back to the restaurant for dinner and to meet out of town guests who were still around.
  • We ordered a pizza at the hotel when we got back to the suite!  We were starving!!
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  • We went out for pizza at like 3am. I could barely eat anything during the reception because I was constantly having to stop for pictures/chatting/etc
  • we snagged a bite or three, then wanted to grab something more substantial later, but we got to our hotel MUCH later than we thought we would! So we snacked on vending machine food, and grabbed a bite while on our flight the next morning!
  • I was too excited to eat at the reception...I was so shaky with nerves!  I had a few bites but not much.  I ate all of my cake (and got a second piece later).

    We served pizza towards the end of the reception, and I definitely maxed out on 3 pieces!!
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