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I am new to the November 2010 board but not to I was originally but the wedding was pushed back because of the Army. (hubby is NG) Noq I have to find new colors for the wedding. I ask for help with colors. I don't want to do traditional fall colors. I would like to do a wintery theme but it's not guaranteed to snow. I never thought about a winter wedding so I am stuck for ideas. Is it possible to do an icy theme without snow? The date is November 13th.

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  • Is it cold at that time where you live? You could do a mixture of light and dark blue and white. Or maybe light blue and light lavender and white.Red, gold and ivory is kind of Christmas-y without being overkill. Light blue, silver and ivory is pretty. I would come up with a simple common theme to use throughout your wedding... for example, a snowflake or holly berries or a pine tree. Use the same image on your invitations, place cards, programs, cake, etc.  
  • That is a good idea. I like the light and dark blue thing. We live in Mass so it is cold but never predictable when it will snow.
  • What part? I used to live right outside Gloucester, in the Eastern Point Lighthouse.
  • Oh we live in central mass. Worcester area. I was looking online and the colors raisin and cranberry go together. and maybe teal and platinum.
  • I like teal and platinum together. That would be pretty.
  • You might also want to try the winter weddings board. They have some great ideas, I'm sure.
  • welcome to the November board!  If you want an icy theme then go for it!
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