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When to book vendors?

When are you supposed to order invitations and book hair and makeup?  Is this summer to early?  I am afraid that they will get booked up but I also do not want to miss out on someone good.

Re: When to book vendors?

  • I would book your venue first because you need to know where you're having it to order invites. The invites and stuff can wait until you're a year or so out along with everyone else. I would check with the person you want to do your hair and makeup to see how quickly they book up and then if you feel the need, reserve their time and services. I've had to move my wedding date a couple of times, but the first date we had set was Feb 09 and we got engaged in Nov 08 and when I started working on stuff some people looked at me like I was nutzo for talking to them so early. That's just my experience. It also depends on where you live too. Good luck.
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