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What do you guys think about me using a pale yellow & chocolate brown as wedding colors in November? I have no idea what good falls colors are. Help please!
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Re: Wedding colors

  • Those sound nice together. You don't necessarily have to use "fall" colors just because you are getting married in November. Just do what you like. 
  • I like yellow and I like brown. So it sounds good to me. I think I would play up the brown and bring the yellow in as a secondary color. And using a heavier fabric like satin, versus a flow-y one will make it seem more "fallish."
  • I agree that you don't have to use "fall" colors. However, I think pale yellow & chocolate brown sound like a really nice combo.
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  • I think your color choice is perfect for a fall wedding.  Although I mostly agree that you can choose any color for any season, I think it more depends on your location.  For example, if you're having a beach wedding then you can use more spring like colors, but if you are up north then I would tend to lean more towards the darker hues.
  • Love those colors! My colors are yellow, sage green, and dark brown. I found a pretty yellow dress for my BM's to wear, my MOH is going to wear the same dress in sage green, and dark brown is going to be the accent color.
  • I think those colors will look really pretty together! You can even consider working in any shades of red or orange as complements to your main colors, but you certainly do not have to do that. My colors are chocolate brown, latte, and apple red and my dress is ivory and they look very striking together. Just go with colors that you feel balance each other out and that you can accent nicely. Other fall color suggestions I found when I was searching the internet are:soft gold eggplant, plum, or other shades of purpleyellow-greenterra cottacopper & ivoryAlso, remember to think about colors that will look best on your bridesmaids. All of my bridesmaid look great in shades of red, but not all of them look right in chocolate brown so I'm considering that when I make my final dress color decisions. Even though the bridesmaids are not supposed to be the highlight of the evening, you do want everyone to look their best.  Also, you want their dresses to complement yours. So if you have a white dress, pale yellow would be nice but it might not go well with an ivory dress. Finally, think about the 'color wheel' that I'm sure we all learned about in elementary art class. lol. Yellow pairs with purple, blue with orange, and green with red so any shades of those colors should always work well together. Good luck :)
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