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Second time around!

Are there any other second time brides out there??  I am 41 and doing something I never thought I would do again...get married!  We are blending our families...3 girls....15, 11 and 7.  And they all will live with us full time.I want a different kind of wedding.  I have my thoughts, but would love to hear what others are doing.Also...what do I WEAR!!??

Re: Second time around!

  • It's hard for me to do a destination wedding...because I want everyone there!!!  I feel happier this time around and want it to just be a big party!  I wish I KNEW what I wanted to wear!!  It's hard to get a vision of what it should look like.  I was married the first time in 1992.....times have changed.Thanks to you both!
  • I am a second time bride, and I love it. I am marrying the man who should have been my husband the whole time, and so deeply in love. Congrats to you, and best wishes. I am going with a Cinderella/Ever After dress wore by Drew Barrymore in the movie, along with the wings.
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