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November 2010 Weddings

How was your marriage license app experience?

It was an interesting day at the (Birth and Marriage) court today.  People watching always amuses me.  There were the usual DMV types (sneezy, coughy, smelly, weird-acting, loud-talkers, etc.)  But then there were happy people lining up to get their licenses, and held hands the entire time.  A few sets of blushing brides in their best "casual whites" and formal attires, some wore bouquets, with their SO and guests, all beaming with happiness, while waiting for the JOP to perform their wedding.  The JOP's chapel is just right next door to the line, so when the wedding party's guests clapped, everyone next door who were waiting in line clapped. 

Lots of babies - - - beautiful babies of different nationalities.  I can't wait to have one of ours!

The weirdest thing I've seen is the guy front of us, who was so excited about getting his marriage license, he did the jump that the Amazing Race' a capella singers from Princeton did when they got eliminated...   

Re: How was your marriage license app experience?

  • San Francisco did well.  I was expecting crowds, a DMV atmosphere, and a long wait.  None of the above!  We had to make an appointment but they were right on time.  Actually a minute early and we were in and out in under ten minutes.  They were very nice and gave us a brochure on health and marriage (read STDs) in Chinese.

    FI was super excited the whole time and it was his first time inside City Hall, which is a really nice building.  There were lots of people in all sorts of attire, including a toga, getting married.  Many happy bride/bride groom/groom couples with parents in tow.  And like you said, every nationality was represented.  Although mostly our majority ethnicity.  And LOTS of mixed couples.

    So SF gets an A+ for making it a good experience!
  • FI and I jumped across the border (we live in CT and we're getting married in MA) to Sturbridge. There was NOBODY there.  We were in and out in 20 minutes...but not with the license.  MA has a three-day waiting period (take note, Blue!) so FI went back yesterday and got it. 

    When he picked it up, he sent me a phone picture of it.  I freaked.  I can't believe we finally have it!

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  • Our experience wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. FI isn't a US citizen and doesn't have a birth certificate. So we were required to go to a different office to get  a letter verifying his identity and place of birth, etc. We knew this ahead of time, so we were prepared. After getting that letter, we went to City Hall and were in and out in 10 minutes with no problem. There was a couple waiting to get married in the hallway, taking pictures and holding bouquets.
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  • wow my experience was nothing like that! no fun stort here. We walked up to a counter, said what we needed, gave our Birth Cert and passport and went around a corner to a desk to fill out the application.

    I did almost forget my SS# because I got nervous! lol but it was done in 20 minutes
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  • Getting a marriage license in CT was quick and easy. We walked into the office they handed us a clipboard with a form to fill out. Once finished they took the form and went into another room to type up the license. In and out in 20 mins!

  • Ours was really easy. No weddings or anything like that; I don't think they perform them in the building we went to - a county government service center. There was a couple that had been right in front of us in line getting a marriage license though. It was a little strange, as she was young-ish and the guy looked old enough to be her father. Which by itself isn't weird, but they weren't acting like a couple - no lovey dovey looks or hand-holding... MN has a five day waiting period, but at least in my county you get to walk out w/the license, it just has a date saying that the marriage is only valid 5 days after application date to 6 months after app date.
  • FI and I went yesterday to get our marriage license.  It was SO easy and a total no-brainer.  We had to have a valid driver's license and $20.  That's it.  We had to answer a few questions as the clerk's office worker completed some paperwork all online now.  Questions like (Are you currently under the influence of a narcotic drug?  Are you currently under the influence of alcohol? Are you related closer than 2nd cousins?)  So funny, I was trying not to laugh. 

    Paid our $20 and were on our way in under 20 minutes. 


    I was giddy.  FI was too.
  • Ours was actually a bit...anticlimactic, haha. We didn't need an appointment...we just wandered up to the 3rd floor of our county's courthouse, where the register of wills was. This lady was sitting behind a table and said "Can I help you?" We just kind of awkwardly said "Um, yeah....marriage license?" She waves us over, has us sit, has us take our oath, and then asks us a bunch of random questions about our parents, lol. She didn't make it exciting, that's for sure. She rattled off the questions, took our money, and sent us on our way. She didn't even need to see our Social Security cards, just asked for our licenses. There weren't any couples getting married, aaaaand no other couples waiting for their licenses. So, meh. Kinda boring. I wonder why we procrastinated so long in the first place, haha.
  • Totally anticlimactic.  We got ours in June when we were on vacation because there's a one day waiting period and they were closed on the weekend, so it was the only time we'd both be in SC on a weekday before the wedding.  (We verified it didn't expire.)

    Went up to the second floor of the courthouse (learned that FI is TERRIFIED of elevators that way!), walked through the labeled door, and we were the only two people there.  A very bored looking woman handed us a clipboard and I think maaaaybe said two words to us.  We filled it out (asked if we were on our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, fill in the blank marriage, if we were related by 2nd cousins or closer, etc.), handed over $70, and left.  Had to go back 24 hours and one minute after we dropped it off the first day together to pick it up.  The same bored lady gave us an envelope an explained we needed to mail one copy back after the ceremony.  We never had to show ID (not required in SC unless you're under 25), and the lady who "helped" us maybe spoke a total of 10 words over two days.  But we were giddy.  We looked at it every day for days afterwards in disbelief. 


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  • weird. In Vegas, you see everything! There were two guys outside (at 9pm) trying to get us to go to their chapel to get married and there were a few more people inside and the employees didn't seem to want to be there at all... it was rather boring. The only interesting/annoying event was trying to find parking in the stupid area.
  • Ours was totally better than I ever imagined it to be.

    FI has a green card since he is Canadian but at our county courthouse we only needed our driver's licenses (I don't even think they looked at his green card). The best part is that one of our friends, one of FIs friends from middle school, works at the courthouse and they let him come over and swear us in and sign our license. It is so cool that it isn't some stranger and that it is a friend of ours who signed ours.
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  • Nothing cool for us.  Drive to Government center, take ticket, fill out form, wait in line.  Show license, fork over $110, wait for it to be printed.  Leave.
  • Ours are only good for 30 days, so we have to wait . We'll probably go get it on  Nov 6, because I already took that day off. If we get there when they open it should be ok. 
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  • I'm surprised how much the rules vary!  Especially those of you with FIs who aren't citizens.  FI doesn't even have a green card.  Here they were more concerned that if you've been married previously you have your divorce papers (doesn't apply to us).  We just had to sign and swear we were us.
  • We are going to go get ours tomorrow.  We were able to fill out the application on line so hopefully that will cut down on some of the wait.  There's a county clerk's office just down the street from FI's work so we will head over on his lunch break.  I'm gonna be a nerd and bring my camera.
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