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November 2010 Weddings

NWR- choosing an apartment

Hey girls. If anyone has a minute I'd like to know your opinion. FI and I were planning on moving to a new apartment when our lease is up in October but now we're having second thoughts. We're torn and can't decide! If it were you, which would you pick. They will be pretty close in price.

#1:New place- One bedroom townhouse that has been recently updated to have brand new appliances, granite countertops, and cupboards. Has much larger kitchen then our current place but no dining area, which I don't like b/c I feel like I won't be able to have anyone over for dinner. Also has a fireplace, jacuzzi tub, and balcony (none of which we have now). It's about 70 sq. smaller than current apartment. We liked this place because it 's a townhouse and it felt more "home like" since we're not able to afford a house right now.

#2. Our current place- 2 bedroom garden style apartment. The kitchen is pretty small and outdated but we have a fairly large living room and an area for a dining room table, which I like for having people over. It's also closer to work than the other one by about 15 minutes. There's a second bedroom which we use for an office and it's nice to have some extra storage space. If we stayed here we obviously wouldn't have to deal with the hassels of moving.

Sorry if this is a stupid post but we just can't decide and I want to see what someone else would do in this situation!! :)
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Re: NWR- choosing an apartment

  • catarntinacatarntina
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    Do you have any space for your office in #1?  If not, I'd pick #2.  They both seem ok for entertaining.  ONe offers jacuzzi, one offers a dining room table.

    I know how you feel about homelike.  We bought a 2 bedroom townhouse for that very reason.

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  • number 1!! i mean how often do you entertain? is it more often than you would use the jacuzzi? lol

    i'm a sucker for a nice tub lol

  • I would personally stick with the 2 bedroom just because of the space. But then again I like to base the apartment I get off the kitchen and living room.
  • I would go with #2.  We have a tiny one-bedroom, and we would love to have more space.  Also, I couldn't handle moving right before my wedding but maybe you're tougher than I am lol!
  • I'd stick with #2, your current place, to avoid the hassel of moving righ before the wedding, and downsizing at that!  You might consider doing a shorter lease, so that you can focus on the wedding now and the move a little further down the road.
  • My first thought would be to go with the new place, because it would kind of be a new start as a married couple, then I double checked your wedding date. I agree with Angie. WAY too much stress to move right before the wedding! See if you can get a shorter lease, or maybe go month-to-month for a bit. Is waiting six months to move going to make that big a difference?
  • Is one closer to your places of employment than the other?  That would be what I'd consider more....
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