Checks! / Veil for sale?

Yay! I went today to try on my wedding dress and pay the remaining balance.  I hadn't seen it in months so I was really nervous I wasn't going to like it...but I loved it!  Balance paid in full but waiting until closer to the wedding to do the alterations (ha- I bought my dress VERY early).

Unfortunately the veil I bought with the dress is NOT going to work at all.  I don't know what I was thinking- way too traditional in style for the hip ceremony we are planning.  It is sooo beautiful though- chapel length with delicate lace detail.  If anyone is looking for a veil this style let me know- I paid $1050 but willing to sell for less. Still has the tags and everything.  It is too beautiful to not be enjoyed by someone.  

Re: Checks! / Veil for sale?

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