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A wee bit depressed....

okay..so FI and I took our epics on March 19.  She had taken so many pics during spring break that she said she hadn't been to the office all week.  So it would take about two weeks to view.  Then we went to go view them at the studio on Good Friday--April 2nd.  Well we ordered prints and are getting a cd.  We asked that they be put online because of all my out of town relatives want to see.  Well....Its almost been a month and still I have no pics to show off.  I am just jealous of yalls photographers that get them up so QUICK! They turned out great...honest...but I am just impatient about this I guess. **sigh** hopefully next week we will get SOMETHING!!! I keep stalking her FB to see if there is any sign of our faces up.  lol....they don't have a blog..so thats why it takes longer for us I guess.

Re: A wee bit depressed....

  • I didn't take e-pics so I'm not sure what the timeline is, but it sucks that you haven't gotten anything yet. Personally I think a month is a little long, but don't worry soon enough. I'll put some vibes out there for you.
  • Awww, I'm sorry.  FI and I didn't get e-pics, they just weren't in the budget.  Although we did have a friend of ours take some cute outdoor-in-the-middle-of-January pictures for our Save The Dates magnets.  I'm hoping we're going to have some money in the budget after the wedding for a Gently-Trash-The-Dress session.

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  • We got ours the next week because it was a friend and its just her hobby. You should call the photog and light a fire under her butt.
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  • Hey, we still haven't done them! ...Not until almost the end of May, so you'll likely still have them before me at least!  I do think a month is a little long of a wait for e-pics, however.
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  • i haven't even scheduled mine yet lol i guess i should talk to FI about doing that soon.... :)
  • yea..we did them early because we wanted spring time pics and it just gets way too hot in in Texas to do them past may...but she said that she took senior pics, bridals, engagements, and baby pics all across the city for that week.  I saw them, but the cd doesn't take long to burn.  so maybe this week I will call her.  thanks for the vibes!!

  • I'm sure it will be done soon!! I would be anxious like you though lol
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