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December 2010 Weddings

Thin Girl Thursday

I almost forgot that it's Thursday!  My mind is crazy right now.  FI gets home from Egypt today, so I guess I'm just really excited about that!

I had a little setback this past weekend on my diet, but I'm right back on track.  Hoping to lose at least 5 more pounds before labor day weekend! 

I've been going to yoga lately, and let me tell you it has really helped.  I've been having issues falling asleep at night becuase of the million wedding things that need to be done running through my head.  And just working on my breathing or doing some yoga before bed really helps me relax. 

So how's everyone else doing?
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Re: Thin Girl Thursday

  • Ooh. I really need to try yoga. I have NEVER tried it. I feel a tad fluffy this week, but clothes still seem loose. Im going to try harder over the weekend this time instead of falling off the wagon.
  • lauren - aw I bet you're excited to see him! yay!  was he gone long?

    redshoes - lol @ "fluffy" I saw a comedian on TV use that!

    I got way off track starting Friday when my mom came up b/c we ate out a couple times, and now I have chocolate cake FI made me to eat everyday til it's gone (mmmm) - at least I'll get my chocolate fix.  Anyway, I have NOT gone to Curves this week because I want to be home with my new kitten (and her big brother) to make sure they get along, etc...  I really feel like I've gained weight, but I guess it's not noticeable.  Hopefully I can get my bum back on track next week!
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  • I've been doing really good the past week and half.  I'm down 10.5lbs.  I'm working out everyday and watching what I eat.  Hoping to lose another 6-7lbs before I get my dress.   I have a lot of things going on the next few months so I'm hoping not to let all these party ruin my weight goals.  Fi is trying to lose weight too, so it helps that were eating the same and both working out.
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  • I love that word too Redshoes!  I'm definitely fluffy.  How do you ladies meet with vendors and still workout?!  I had the tasting last nite, then linen lady today, I'm exhausted and hungry.

    I HAVE to start going back to the gym.  Hopefully tomorrow begins a fresh run.  Baby steps. :)

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    Fluffy is the best word ever. It makes being  tad chubby kind of cute! I haven't worked out in months...maybe I'll think about doing that in August and hopefully shed some more. 10 would be great before the fitting!
  • I've lost 3lbs this week!  yay. But...... I see it on the scale, yet my jeans don't feel much different, which is way more important to me.  I'm thinking about going back to my old days of only weighing myself every 2 weeks.  I can be much more in tune with my body that way, and less obsessed with numbers.

    On the workout front....this may sound stupid, but I got an "exercise hoola-hoop" at a flee market for $3.00 the other day, and I couldn't pass it up because I LOVE to hoola-hoop!!!  I was the champ in grade school.  So, I've been doing it, and its quite the core workout!  It basically just a heavy hoola-hoop, but its super fun, and I've been pretty sore, so I know its working.

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  • I've been doing pretty good lately.  My eating habits have been good, I have been eating better and less.  I've also been doing 30 day shred.  I had success with it a couple years ago.  If you are short on time and want something effective, do this.  Takes about 20 minutes, but it is intense.
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  • again, election.  I'm the same weight now as 2 weeks ago when the election was called, so that's a good thing!!!

    I've tried yoga - I like it, but I SWEAR by pilates.  It's like a scientific version of yoga if that makes sense.  Instead of focusing on chakra, you're learning about muscle groups and how they work together.  It makes much more sense to me :)
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