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December 2010 Weddings

Already frustrated with Mom...

So far, I've learned that my mom thinks chair covers are ugly, picks out ugly wedding dresses, thinks bridesmaid dresses without sleeves are a problem in December, and thinks photojournalistic photos look like "mistake pictures." I love my mom, and I really value her opinion, but our opinions couldn't be more different! I can't imagine what will happen when we actually go shopping for my dress!

Re: Already frustrated with Mom...

  • let her know that u appreciate her opinion but its just that, an opinion. final say is up to u
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  • I agree with PP. My mom and I also have different opinions. I have yet to really feel like she loves my dress. But I know on the day when I'm standing there all done up, it doesn't matter what we agreed on or what we didn't, she is going to be proud and happy. Know that you are the one that has to live with the pictures for the rest of your life. Things have changed and some moms are still more traditional. Let her have her way on a couple of things that she cares alot about that don't matter as much to you. She'll appreciate it, but in the end it's your day so make sure your voice is heard!
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