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December 2010 Weddings

Budget bride in winter an oxymoron?

Hey ladies,I was wondering if anyone else has encountered the same problem as me!  I am on a budget of around $10,000, which is a huge sum of money, but that doesn't seem to get you a whole lot in the wedding industry.  My biggest challenge has been finding an INDOOR venue for the ceremony and reception that's in our budget.  In my hometown, there are parks and beaches galore for an outdoor wedding in the summer, but nothing indoors that can hold the 150 guests we plan on having.  My sister is getting married in March, so I'd rather not move my wedding up closer to her's.  I'm looking for anything in Ventura, LA or Orange county that's indoor and affordable!  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Or have you come across the same problem?  It might at least make me feel better if I know I'm not alone :-)

Re: Budget bride in winter an oxymoron?

  • Well, for local venues around LA I'd head over to your local board. Those girls will be much more likely to help you find somewhere on a budget. I'm in Chicago, and places that would fit that kind of budget are very difficult to find. You'd have to really look through the banquet halls, and maybe rental spaces where you can bring in your own food and that don't have huge rental fees (think local churches, Lions Clubs, lodges, etc.) But I have had similar problems! We are finishing school, so we don't really start making money until next summer when we start our full time jobs. It's been a little frightening signing on to spending this much money in one day when we don't even know what our budget is going to be!
  • im in cali... the IE. my budget is about 10000-12000 and i found a venue that will do my reception/ceremony for $5000. it includes dinner, cake, dj, chair/ table covers, bartender, waiters... almost everything. all i need to get is my dress and a photographer. im not too familiar with LA area but i do know things run real expensive out there. u might have to travel a little out of your area to find some decent prices with your budget.
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  • also... there are some nice hotels out there... some hotels do weddings... i dont know how much they cost though.
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  • I feel your pain GSS!  My fiance is in law school and I just started working so we're still unsure of our budget too.  One thing I'm grateful for is since our wedding is over a year away, I have a couple months of time to really research before we absolutely need to commit.  I'm not sure if it's the same for you, but I wish the best of luck to you!Desi, would you be able to tell me the name of the venue?  My fiance's family lives really close to the IE, so I certainly wouldn't rule that area out.  And you're right, LA is very overpriced.  I even asked UCLA about weddings, thinking that since we both graduated from there it would be more affordable, but no, it was over $50 a person, just for the food!  Ay.  Hotels tend to run between $50 and $70 a person for the food and use of the facilities, but I'm also looking at smaller ones that aren't chains hoping that they're a little more reasonable.
  • have u heard of Edward's Mansion? its in redlands ca and right now they are doing a special... if u book ur event before the end of the year u get the ceremony free... but dont take my date though lol!!! (12-30)
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  • I am having the exact same problem but down here in TX. I have 10-12k budget but will have close to 250 people! And I nearly choked right now reading the $50 a person comment! lol..But you're not alone at all! I'm just finding we have to do WAY more research than a bride with a higher or unlimited budget does. It gets hard but you just can't give up looking and if you do find a place that's maybe just a bit too pricey, ask them about other menu options because I'm finding a lot of places do have less expensive options but don't always advertise that on their websites..Again, you're not alone and it will all work out - even if it does suck having to work extra hard! ;p
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