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December 2010 Weddings

Save The Dates

When do you guys plan on sending out your save the dates? And have you guys got your engagement photo's done yet? I feel like I'm slacking a little bit. Do you plan on send your wedding invites out next October?
Philip && Tinya 12.11.10

Re: Save The Dates

  • We're sending out our STDs in January or February, but we aren't doing engagement pics until around April because I want to lose some weight first.
  • we are sending our save the dates probably in may, we are getting our e-pics done the week between christmas and new years due to the fact that I want some snowy pics for our Save the dates to continue with the theme...
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  • I plan on sending out the save-the-dates in end of March-begging of Aprilish. I think we're going to do engagement pictures in Jan. or Feb so we can have the whole snowy effect too. As far as wedding invites, I'm thinking 3 or 4th week of next Oct. with a response date of like November 30th. I stalk the Dec. 09 Boards and that seems like what most NYE brides are doing this year.
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  • Okay, I feel better now! Thank you ladies I'm thinking i'll send my save the dates out in april-mayish I still don't know about the engagement pictures.
    Philip && Tinya 12.11.10
  • We are getting married on NYE so since it's a holiday and most of our guests will be OOT, I plan on sending STDs around late March-early April, but not send invites until late September-early October. I'm not sure if my timing is right at all but that's the plan right now. No one on either side of our families has any clue what to do to prepare for a wedding so we're basically winging it all based on what we read online and in magazines!
  • We are doing epics in March and then sending out save the dates in April. And then we will send out invitations in late sept or early oct
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  • haha we are sending ours out this December! We're doing a holiday-themed save-the-date, and it's almost all family, so we thought it would be fun.
  • Actually we came up with cute Christmas cards that use the picture of us getting engaged (it was caught in a picture) and since we are getting married next December we decided to put our "save the date" on our Christmas cards. I just got them back, they look really cute.  I'm excited1
  • I'm actually planning on creating and sending mine pretty soon for 2 reasons... A. My cousin just got engaged and while our date has been ANNOUNCED I want to make sure it's KNOWN... and B. This is my second engagement and I don't think people are taking me serious!!! It's kinda frustrating me!
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  • We are going to send the STD's out in May and the invites out in Octoberish....soudns like we are all on the same page pretty much!
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  • Our wedding date will be 12.11.10, and since most of our guests will have to travel to the wedding, I thought it best that we send out the STDs in JAN/FEB. We may just send the invites out in late SEPT since guests may have to book hotel rooms and such. I don't really know. I hadn't quite thought of that part yet! lol
  • I'm getting married in Dec of this year, but figured I'd hop on this board to see if there was anything that I could help out with. I'm having a Christmas wedding, and sent out a combo Save the date/Christmas card.  It was a photo card, but insead of just saying "Happy Holidays" we asked them to save the date for our wedding next year in Bethlehem. Just an idea!Yes, it was very early, but I thought it was nice.  Just don't send them to people that you're still not sure about inviting!
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