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Are you kidding me?!

Ok, so my bridesmaids dresses were ordered July 1st (supposedly).  The bridal shop told me then that it would take 2 months maybe 3 for them to come in.  Ok, so that makes first of October at the latest.  I call today to check the status on them and I get told they are scheduled to be delivered November 4th!  Seriously?!  I almost lost it! That barely gives BM any time to get alterations since Thanksgiving is a few weeks after that date! 

Anyone else having any issues?!

Thanks for letting me vent!!
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Re: Are you kidding me?!

  • BOO:(  That's NOT cool!  But it could be worse.  I talked to a bride on the attire board whose wedding is in 16 days and STILL no BM dresses.  Alterations don't take that long and if there's a rush, then you have the shop suck up the cost.  It's not your fault!!


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  • Yeah I know but the simple fact it wll be 18 weeks from the date it was supposedly ordered and it shouldn't have taken more than 12. All smiles though :)
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  • I'm sure I have vented about my BM dress woes on here.  I started ordering my dresses in June from JCrew and just got all of them in (pre-alterations of course).  They were sending everything from dresses in styles and sizes that I didn't need to items that are not dresses (ie. a lavender XS cardigan in a dress bag).  The styles even changed halfway through, so some of the BMs had to pick new styles.  It's by far been the most difficult part of my wedding!
  • Don't worry too much.  I'm sure since it is not your fault, the store will rush the alterations. 

    At least your BMs ordered their dresses on time.  I have one BM who STILL hasn't ordered her dress.  It pisses me off because I told her to do it weeks ago.  She has an excuse but it sounds like bullsh*t to me.  She claims she is going to order it tomorrow. 
  • Mine took forever.  Our BM's dresses were ordered beginning of May and just came in Tuesday of this week basically 16 weeks and I only had 3!
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  • My BM dresses are coming from a dress making company in China...my mom has used them twice before and her dresses were so nice that I decided to use them. They're cheap. I contacted them to ask them how to get all four BM dresses made out of the same dye lot, and they told me to put a specific comment in the comment box when ordering each. Each dress is getting paid for and shipped to a different girl, and my girls are scattered all over the world.
    So one girl has bought hers so far (I gave them until Oct 1), and rather than holding the order until the other three were in, as promised, they made and sent her dress out. She already has it.

    If these dresses don't match I'm going to be mad, but if that's the worst thing that happens in this wedding, I'll thank God. Although I am worried about my photos...
  • I know how you feel... Only ONE of my BM's even has her dress ordered!!! One is buying hers this week, one is buying hers next week, the other i think if renting hers... If if makes you feel any better... My niece (FG) will not be getting her dress until November 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was more than mad!!! But I am hoping that it will come in sooner than that.... My other FG, we are going Sunday to look for hers... Lets HOPE it wont take that long...
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  • I guess I'm more mad that I feel I've been lied to by the bridal boutique.  I called today and was told that they were not being delivered on November 4th but being shipped on November 5th.  Also when asked when they were ordered...I wanted a specific date beause they told me originally they were ordered July 1...I was told they were ordered just 3 weeks ago and I'm not sure I even believe that.  I feel like they are giving me the run around.  I was also told I could get them here sooner but had to pay $20 a dress.  I was worried about cutting it so close to Thanksgiving with alterations.  But it will all work out! 

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one have BM dress issues!
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