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December 2010 Weddings

Agonizing over the veil

This is harder to decide on than the dress!  When I tried on my dress, I tried in on with a fingertip length veil and I thought that was what I wanted with a blusher.  But when I went for my fitting (and to order the veil) I started second guessing my decision.  I felt like I looked like a ghost with the blusher and I started to like the cathedral veil (which I orginally thought would cover the ornate beadwork on my train, but it really didn't and felt so 'bridal.) So, we're done right, order cathedral veil with no blusher.  But then mom chimes in. 
I always assumed I would take the veil off for the reception, but my mom started insisting I need to wear b/c its the one day you wear a veil (and I at leeeaast need to wear it until I cut the cake.)  But you can't dance in a cathedral length veil.  And both our moms love the blusher tradition and I do too.  So I am very torn.... 

What are you ladies doing and how did you decide?
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Re: Agonizing over the veil

  • I didn't... I bought both! LOL

    I am wearing a cathedral veil for the ceremony and pictures, and then switching to a double layer, satin edged, finger tip veil for the reception. 
  • So I fell in love with this cathedral veil, but honestly I have super long train so I figured I didn't want to go to overboard.  My FI chimed in and said no blusher, that when i walk down the aisle he wants to be able to see my face instead of looking like a "ghost" (seems you both have the same mind set there).  So then I found this beautiful feather hair piece that I loved and that made me decide on a caged veil. 

    Have you asked the FI?

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  • I had a really difficult time picking a veil too!  I knew all along I did not want a blusher, my mom didn't agree but she was ok with it.  Then I went back and forth between cathedral and fingertip.  I decided to go with the fingertip because I felt like it matched the overall feel of my wedding dress and accessories better.

    I plan on having several beverages and doing a lot of dancing at the reception and the veil will just get in the way of that. 

    Do what you want.  Don't feel like you have to wear the veil the entire time if you don't want to.
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  • I went with a waltz length veil because I wanted longer than a fingertip but didn't want the cathedral length.  The waltz length goes to about the back of your knees....it's a great compromise!
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    I didn't want the blusher, I can't stand things in front of my face like that so that part was easy for me to decide.  I was trying to decide between a fingertip and chapel and went with a chapel length because I only want to wear the veil for the ceremony and it also made me feel very bride-like.  : )
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    My friend is making mine, although she is behind because she is scared to cut the material :)

    I'm doind a double veil attached to a barette clip (may decide on single by the time it's made). This will stay on throughout the reception but it will be about fingertip length. I am also having a blusher. FI said he wants to pull it off my face when he goes to kiss me at the altar. But because it has detail that is only on one side of the material, my friend is attaching the blusher to a comb that will be inserted backwards and removed before pictures are taken.

    The detail on the veil matches almost exactly with the detail on my dress.
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