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December 2010 Weddings

Which Picture?

My cousin is going to paint a portrait of FI and me based off of a photo, I need your help deciding which one. Please take a minute and participate in the poll.





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Re: Which Picture?

  • I say either 1 or 4, I think those show your faces more, and either one would look awesome hanging on the wall!
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  • I voted for your profile pic - I think it's gorgeous and it's focused on both of you equally.  A good balance.
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  • i voted for 1 because my father paints oil portraits from photos and i've seen him do enough that i'm pretty sure pic 1 will be the easiest and guarantee the best portrait from your cousin  :)
  • They are all beautiful, but I would definitely say the first. 

    Funny... my FI is wearing the same exact shirt as your FI right now.

  • I like 1 and 2 alot!
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