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December 2010 Weddings

Job update and family NWR drama (KV needed and kinda really long, sorry)

Okay, so, sorry for the lack of update about my review. The drama part has kind of been on my mind.
I still have a job, and I got a small raise ($0.10/hour). At the beginning of September, minimum wage is going up $0.50/hour, so I get another "raise" then as well. The only bad thing is that one of my clients, who I thought I had a pretty good working relationship with, apparently has issues telling me things. 
She's kind of a problem child, and so I've been asking my mother for advice when my brain won't function to tell me what to do. I made the mistake of telling my client "well, I talked to my mom about it, and she said...". I have the misfortune of having difficulty lying, even by omission. Apparently my client decided that if I was telling my mom these things, who else was I telling, and got really mad at me, all without letting me know anything! Seriously, I can't stop doing something wrong if I don't get told that I need to stop doing it. Ugh, anyways...

So, on to the drama. My dad got told on Friday that he needed to leave on Saturday for Portugal for a business trip. As he was sitting in the airport waiting to leave, my uncle called him and said that while my gramma and grandpa were up at the cottage, my grandpa had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital.
My dad called my mom, and they both put it up on FB so that they could get some of their friends praying. The next day my mom got an email from my uncle with a message from my grandmother asking them not to put anything else up on FB about this because she "had to call Mrs. Krull (her best friend) to calm her down." My mom, of course, thought this was ridiculous and proceeded to write a follow up.
The next day, my grandmother called my dad, long distance to Portugal, and yelled at him for 5 minutes about how stupid he and my mom were that they were putting this stuff on FB. Um, what?
Okay, then yesterday, my dad heard from his brother that my grampa has had 10 attacks since the weekend, although he isn't sure what kind of attacks (isn't this stuff you learn just from, like, being alive and paying attention?), and my mom heard from my dad's cousin that they can't do any surgery yet because my grampa has some upper GI bleeding. We're all like "since when!?", so now my grandmother is keeping stuff from us.
To top it all off, my cousin, who lives with her mom and hasn't really seen her dad in years, asked her dad to come up to pick her up and bring her to the hospital. My uncle's excuse for not doing it was he was "tired" (it's only like half an hour both ways). 
I swear, usually it's my mom's family causing drama, but they calmed down recently, and now this!
So, today we learned that they tried to put a stint in my grampa's heart, but it didn't work because there was some hardening of the arteries, so they did a balloon instead, and sometime next week they'll be doing a triple bypass. Please keep him in your thoughts.

P.S. Sorry it's so long. Just have a lot on my heart right now.
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Re: Job update and family NWR drama (KV needed and kinda really long, sorry)

  • Sorry you're having to deal w/ so much. Will say a prayer for your grandpa & you and your fam!

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  • Wait- I'm confused. What is it that you do for a living?
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  • I am a personal support worker. I do mostly light housekeeping, and a little bit of personal help (showering, taking them to appointments, etc.)
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