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December 2010 Weddings

Another NYE Bride returns!

Hi Ladies!  I'm back from our Thailand honeymoon.  We had a blast (except for the plane flight back, thanks Delta, never again I swear!) 

The Good:
Our familys got along so well and we had a wonderful week together leading up to the wedding.  Our rehearsal dinner was like a casual mini reception and I had such a good time making round visiting.  It was such a fun feeling to walk through the room and be surrounded by loved ones from all different parts of my life.  The ceremony was beautiful and I managed not to cry, fall, faint or anything like that. The reception was amazing, it was the big crazy family dance party I always wanted.  I thought alot of people would leave before midnight but most everyone stayed until the end.  For the most part the whole event went off without a hitch. The photobooth was a huge hit and people went wild for the props.  My mom is mailing me the scrapbook, I can't wait to see it.  At one point I looked over and my 80 year old great uncle was wearing a pimp chain and giant sunglasses, too funny!  Everybody danced up a storm and all the groups were mixing by the end of the night.  Some locals happened to shoot fireworks right by the water at my venue and everyone thought we planned them, it was a nice surprise!  My cousin made my cake and it was fantastic and was completely devoured.  The second line was huge and everyone participated.  The sparklers were beautiful, nobody burned me and we didn't set off the smoke alarm.  The break in between the wedding and reception that I agonized about so much wasn't awkward at all.  Nobody seemed to mind in the least, and many commented that it was nice to have the down time with family and friends before the big NYE celebration.  DH and I went downtown and took a ton of photos.  I can't wait to see them!  Oh, and the bridesmaid that caused all the drama during the planning phases was by far the most supportive and helpful on the day of.  She really came through for me and I was glad to have her by my side in the end.  The photographer was amazing and went above and beyond for us. 

The Bad: The Father of the Groom's jacket didn't fit right and he couldn't button it.  He tried to return it the morning of but they didn't have anymore in his size.  One of the groomsmen's grandmothers died on Christmas morning.  I felt so terrible for him but he still insisted that he would be there for the rehearsal and wedding, such a sweet guy who had a very emotional week.  My red shoes were gorgeous but my feet were so blistered by the end of the night.  My bridesmaids and I went downstairs and they bandaged my feet in the middle of the reception.  The caterer made the shrimp and grits part of the buffet instead of a station like we planned, so guests from out of town didn't realize what it was or how to put it together.  He also messed up the beer selection.  DH wanted regular michelob and bud light but they served bud light and michelob ultra, two light beers.  The cake was chocolate and vanilla and I think alot of people ate both types and the caterer ran out of regular plates and was serving it on throw away plates that looked very birthday partyish.  I guess they were the 'oh crap' plates and that was better than not serving it but I thought it looked tacky.  A coordinator at the reception would have been nice b/c I felt like I was way too involved in making things happen.  We cut the cake 40 min off schedule and it was kind of thrown together.  I wanted to do it before the dancing picked up but oh well, we dragged everyone off the dance floor to watch us cut the cake.

The Ugly:
I was at the bridal salon until 4:30pm the day before the wedding... I had to get dressed for the rehearsal at the bridal salon.  It was a fitting nightmare that involved me losing a little weight and the salon forgetting to sew the cups in the dress.  It was taken in, then out, then out a litttle more, then in again.  I didn't get upset though, I just detached myself from the situation and told myself whatever happens, happens.  Thankfully I didn't have to ask them to fix it and go bridezilla, each time the seamstress just saw it wasn't right and asked me to wait.

I'm adding an extra category,
The Amazing:
The miracle weather!  The sunday after Christmas it snowed in SC... it never snows in SC.  It wasn't just flurries either.  The snow stuck on the ground and it was freezing cold outside.  I kept praying and God really came through for me! Throughout the week it slowly started to warm up and by NYE it was 70 degrees and mostly sunny.  I was hoping for 60 but 70 was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  We actually got hot in the venue and people were going out on the porches to cool off.  (it actually snowed again this past week, crazy winter this year!)

No pro prics yet, but here are a few pics from friends. 

Me and my girls taking photos on a friend's dock.  The dock ended up being much longer and narrower than I remembered but we marched single file out there anyway!

The bridal party at the church

Me leading the second line. It was a huge hit!
We're going to second-line into the New Year! Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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