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December 2010 Weddings

Any NYE brides!

 I was wondering do I have any date twins! If you are what are your colors?

Re: Any NYE brides!

  • yup! there are quite a few nye brides on here i think. My colors are cranberry and silver
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  • Hi! I'm a Boston NYE bride! I'm still deciding on colors but right now I'm leaning towards chocolate brown with gold or champagne!
  • mines is the 30th .... its my anniversary so I havent found a date twin yet
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  • I am also getting married on NYE, my colors are bright blue and silver
  • Me me! My colors are black, ivory, gold, and teal

    BM dresses will be teal, and they'll wear gold shoes
    My dress will be ivory

    As of right now we're still working on plans for THIS New Year's Eve!
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  • I am planning for NYE 2010, and my colors are black and gold....  with all white flowers :)  It's fun to hear everyone's ideas!
  • I'm a NYE bride 2010.  My colors are purple, gold and ivory, with a few hints of black.  Everyone has great color schemes!
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    We just decided on NYE!! I'm so excited! Our colors will be chocolate brown, champagne, and ivory. I want the reception to have a slightly different color scheme, but I haven't decided exactly what colors will be used yet.
    What are you guys planning to do for your reception? We're thinking about having the ceremony around eight, then the reception will be on the hotel's rooftop terrace for a new year's eve party with hors doeuvres and drinks.
  • I'm a NYE bride! My colors are green apple and black. I can't wait...I'm sure this next year will fly by!
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  • I'm going to be a NYE bride! I'm going classic... black, white, and silver. :)
  • Jortiz - I'm also having those colors!! :) I'm so excited to have a wedding and a huge party all in one night!
  • I love everyones colors! =) so pretty! 
    i am doing white and black with pink! im thinking the BM will wear black dresses, with hot pink shoes! what do you guys think? i also want them to carry pink  bouquets! 
    as far as fun reception ideas, i dont know where to begin! (i guess i need to find a venue first!!) Undecided
    i read somewhere online an idea to make a NYE table with all kinds of fun NYE toys (hats, silly 2011 glasses, confetti, noise makers, etc) and any guest who wanted them could use whatever! 

  • I'm having the same colors!  Black and hot pink!  I love the idea of hot pink shoes!  Let me know when you make any decisions...I'm open for suggestions.  I'm VERY early in the planning process.  We do not have a venue yet either.  Good luck!
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