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December 2010 Weddings

Freak Out Moment!

I had a slight freakout moment today when my bridesmaids dresses came in! I had a non-bridesmaid put one on in her closest size and it was horrible on her! I almost cried- I hated the way it looked!

Did anyone else have a moment like this ever? Needless to say the correct Bridesmaid put it on later, and it looked just as I pictured, Mad Men style perfect! This is now my freakout moment #101, just add it to the list!
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Re: Freak Out Moment!

  • I was really excited about my invitations, I had them designed exactly the way I wanted them and I decided to go with letterpress.  When I got them I burst into tears because I was not happy with the letterpress (not much of an indentation)...and not like a few tears...but was sobbing.  My poor dad and fiance didn't know what to do with me.  Luckily my mom was the voice of reason and said I should talk to the designer and have her contact the printer.  They reprinted them right away and I had my new, perfectly letterpressed invitations a few days later.  Crisis averted, but wow, that was some freakout. 
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