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December 2010 Weddings

Wedding Recap and Repost of Facebook Album (sorry, a little long)

Hello my lovely December beauties!!!

I am back from wedding and honeymoon. My wedding was awesome!!! It did rain but only slightly here and there. We were able to take some outdoor pictures for about 30 or so minutes before we had to stop. My dress did get filthy though )

Started off bad though. I woke up at my cousins house to realize that I left all my make up at home 25 minutes away and only 30 minutes before the photographer and videographer were to arrive. Photographer/friend was running late too so when I called her she was 5 minutes from my house and picked up my make up and arrive at my house only 15 minutes after we were supposed to start the getting ready pictures. However, the videographer was not. I spoke with him at 8:30am and he was supposed to be to my cousin's house at 9am. He only lived 15 minutes away yet didn't show up until 10:15. Whatever, with my lateness, he was really only 45 minutes late, lol.

We get to the chapel, DH is told to hide while I go in because I was 15 minutes late and the guys were on time to get pinned by the florist. He hid in the bathroom while I made my way. It was so funny because people kept coming in to see me before the wedding which totally prevented me from actually getting ready. I only had 1 BM but there were at least 7 people in the room when I was getting ready, lol.

My brother makes it in just after the dress gets laced up. No one had practiced lacing up my corset or the bustle so this was fun. My brother performed the Armenian tradition of putting my shoes on for me. Keep in mind that he hates feet and gets grossed out by touching anything of anyone else. But he did it smiling!

The ceremony went off on time and without a hitch, not even after I forgot the marriage license. My stepdad ran to the house and grabbed it. Thank God I lived on campus. I was so nervous and excited that I didn't even get a chance to get misty-eyed like I thought I would. DH told me he did when he saw me. But the ceremony was short and sweet and we got everyone off to the reception less the family photos.

We arrived and were announced to a song that wasn't the version that I had planned but I was really good at just rolling with what came. I mean, what was getting upset about it going to help?

The reception was awesome!! All of the decorations were exactly what I had in mind. The cake design was exactly what I had pictured. And best of all, my low budget pasta bar got rave reviews. People loved the pasta stations and their options and how it was freshly prepared for each guest. Even my brother-in-law, who is not keen on pasta, went back for seconds.

A big disappointment, only one of the 8 of DH's friends from his hometown showed up. I think they all got wasted the night before and couldn't get over the hangover. I don't know though because NO ONE HAS SAID ANYTHING!!! Let's just say that I won't be speaking to these people ever again. These were the same people that RSVPd late or added dates last minute.
I probably ate 5 bites of my food and that was after they had to reserve mine because I let it get cold. I was just so busy talking, drinking, taking pictures, and then came dancing. I have never hosted a party before, mainly for fear that all of my diverse groups of friends wouldn't have common interests and my party would suck. So I don't have the experience of how to juggle the hostess role. I really feel like I didn't spend enough time with everyone :(

My kids table was a hit, everyone loved the little favors and couldn't believe how low budget yet elegant everything was.

Another snafu was the videographer again. After all of the little events had passed he said there was nothing left for him to video so he should probably go. Really? You show up late, take off between the ceremony and grand entrance and now you want to leave early. I said, "Sure, how do you want to adjust the fee then for the change in time?" He knew he was wrong so he said it was up to me. I felt like I had already paid him enough but I didn't want him to do a shoddy job on my video so I offered to pay another $100 and he agreed. Please don't make me sue this guy.

Even still, I totally forgot to put the polaroid film in the box with all the scrapbook supplies so the film ran out at the very beginning. I didn't find the film until the next day. Ugh!

Anyway, the best part of the evening was when the DJ played "Don't Stop Believing" and the remaining guests all took turns singing lines. That was a blast. Family did not want to leave and spent another couple of hours at my house and then moved onto my parents'; we opted out :)

Two days later we were honeymoon bound. We spent 3 days at a resort in Lihue, Kaua'i and 7 days at a condo in Princeville, Kaua'i. Both places were fabulous. We went on the Na Pali Coast tour where I was severly hung over and DH was seasick. We snorkled, saw tons of dolphins and turtles and whales, and listened to the many Hawaiian tales and movies filmed on the island. The next couple of days were spent, IN!!! Ha ha. We took full advantage of the spacious condo and jetted bathtub. This was also where I cooked my first couple of meals as a married woman.  Christmas day was spent ziplining across 9 lines ranging from 170 ft long to 1200 ft long. That was an absolute blast that I recommend to everyone!! Another couple of condo bound days spent in or around our unit until our ATV tour. That was awesome and I don't even like getting dirty. We drove past scenes from Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and the new one, Six days/Seven Nights and Pirates of the Caribbean 4. We did fail to hike Waimea Canyon :(

But the honeymoon best was trying to get home, when we almost missed our plane.

We had to switch planes in Honolulu and had a 2 hour lay over. DH's cousin lives there so we made arrangements to meet him at the airport for a quick visit. But he was 45 minutes late. I wasn't too worried though because the security check had no line and we knew where our gate was. But when we arrived to get back in, they closed the secuirty check point that was empty and we had to go to the big full line security check. Then we had to wait in another line to have or carry-ons inspected for agriculture. We ran to our gate only to find it empty, not even an employee. This was the last flight out until the next day. But we were staring at our plane, it hadn't left. I pick up the phone at the airline desk and dial the operator. I explained the situation and sked if we could, pretty please, get on our plane. The big issue after verifying that we were supposed to be on that flight, with our luggage, was whether or not we were U.S. citizens. Finally someone came out of the terminal and let us on. But our seats were given away and we had to spend the 5 hour flight home 6 rows apart. Apparently there were difficulties with the plane and that was the only reason why they were still there. We got so lucky!!!

Now we are setting up our new home in our old house with all of the newlywed gifts and gift card purchases. We rearranged our whole living room and I am thrilled. DH not as thrilled with all of the kitchen stuff we received, only because he burns water.

Thanks for reading. I will not reward you with self-provided cookies, however, you can ask to give yourself something else, lol.

So here is the FB album of pictures posted by my guests. I put this up earlier but I think most people were off honeymooning or getting married.


I will post again when the honeymoon pics are up.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Happily Married Since December 18th, 2010!!
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