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December 2010 Weddings

Hurricane Warning

Please pray for my country a hurricane is passing over us .... Lots of strong winds and rain
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Re: Hurricane Warning

  • In my thoughts :)

    But isn't it the Hurricane Off-season? That is soooo scary!!!
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  • Hurricane season doesn't technically end until the end of November. We on the gulf coast still have one more month of breath-holding lol.
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  • Yes it ends nov 30th although in the past there were storms in december ( hope none this year) a friend of mine had a wedding to attend this afternoon. I believe it is obviously cancelled really feeling it for the bride well the whole fam in general... It is not easy to be planning a whole year or even months and something like this happens. Let us pray for great sunny weather on our day and those experiencing winter no snow storms
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  • My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Be safe. 

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  • oh babe, I hope it changes direction and bypasses you (and all the other Caribbean nations) totally and with minimal damage.

    We're about to go into our cyclone season, and it's predicted to be a doozy of a year :S
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  • Sometimes they also come early- I think it was '09 that tropical storm Andrea showed up on radar in early May.
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    Not caring about missing RSVPs because there aren't any rocks!
  • Our thoughts with you! I am in Central FLA, but my mom is FLA east coast, and MIL is FLA west coast, and we are always worried about hurricanes...they can hit even in the off season- youre never really one hundred percent safe.
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