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Has anyone been feeling like this?

everytime i'm about to fall asleep i wake up... because i have 1000 thoughts circulating in my head about wedding, where we gonna live  etc

Re: Has anyone been feeling like this?

  • ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!! Omg I think so much wedding stuff before bed. It's getting to the point to where I woke up at 5am the other day beacuse I had to use the bathroom and I began freaking out because I realized how much I still have to do and didn't go back to sleep for like an hour and a half.
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  • Excedrin PM has been my best friend for this reason.  And I don't feel awful the morning after I take it.  I'm actually about to take some right now because until I get my final grade for my class I am living in a never-ending panic attack.
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  • I take ambien for this reason. I didn't take it last night, and had a horrible dream about my dress shop lady making me cry! It was terrible.
  • sighhhh! im not alone lool
  • I'm usually like that, but (un)luckily, I've been under the weather for the past week, so I've been sleeping like crazy.
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  • My sleep remedy is a job that forces me to wake up at 2:00am. :)  It's a blessing and curse because I'm off work early enough to get all my wedding planning/thoughts hashed out in the afternoons.  But then I have to go to sleep by 8:00 to get up at 2:00.

    Oh yeah, and I'm tired all the time...

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  • I have... I wento sleep at 5 am monday, and 4:30 am yesterday... and i get up at 6 every morning... So I am super stressed, and super exhaussted...
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  • i keep having dreams where i wake up the day of the wedding and realize i didnt have a rehersal or lost my FI's ring... even if i sleep, i have horrible dreams.

    last night i dreamt that we did not make the final payment on our hall and they cancelled our reservation the week before... Cry

    even my daddy has nightmares that he gets lost on the way to the church!!!
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  • I had a post about this a week or so ago.  I just had another night where I couldn't sleep until after 2am.  boo.
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