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Ugh, families suck (rant)

Okay, this is more for my own frustration and getting it out there then anything else, so feel free to skip it.

I got a FB mail today from my cousin L informing me that she's 6 weeks pregnant. I asked her if it was planned, and she said "we weren't planning it, but we weren't preventing it either". She's very happy, and I love her to death and I'm happy for her, but I also think that she's kind of being dumb about it. She and her hubby (they married in April) are currently living in the basement of our Aunt A's house (not her mom). Before that, they lived in her parents house, because they couldn't afford to get their own place. So, at this point, of the 3 of us cousins who are married this year, FI and I are the only ones who are planning on actively waiting. Cousin A (Aunt A's daughter) is 31, and kind of got married to have kids, so she'll be starting on that soon if she hasn't already.
As my mom said, at least Aunt Y (cousin L's mom) will be happy she's the first to be a grandmother... Aunt Y always thinks everybody else is competing with her in everything, and will twist words to suit her thoughts.
Well, on top of all this, my Aunt N, who is married to my Uncle P, is having her bi-annual crazy fest, where she starts accusing my Uncle P of everything under the sun. So far she's accused him of being an alcoholic, beating her, hiding money, and sexually assaulting the kids. Now because of that, the only one I was really planning on having at the wedding, Aunt A, might not come because she's co-dependant and can't leave while this is happening.
And, yeah, this all had to happen just before my wedding when it was quiet the rest of the year for cousin L and cousin A's weddings...  why can't anything go right for me for once =/
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Re: Ugh, families suck (rant)

  • hang in there. It's about you and not them!
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  • *Facepalm* Wow that's drama city! Dang!! 

    This doesn't have *anything* to do with you though, so the best thing you can possibly do for yourself, your FI, and most importantly your sanity is try your absolute best to stay out of it and let them work it out for their crazy selves. This doesn't mean they will ruin your wedding or anything like that :o)

    I know that's much easier said than done. If anything, look it as really awesome but scary train wreck people watching! Lol. 
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  • I agree with PP's.  I know this is easier said than done, but it is THEIR drama, not yours.  Try not to own it yourself.  

    Maybe also be thankful that the crazy skipped you babe!  It doesn't mean you don't love 'em, but let them live their own lives in their own crazy way.
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  • I know, and I'm trying, but it's hard because I'm a fixer, and I want to fix it. Urgh. Anyways, doing something to help ease stress. I'll show ya'll in a minute, lol
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  • Boo:(

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