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I just got a kick [email protected]@ quote for a photobooth station at the reception--a booth where people get in and have their pics taken.  It's a good price (thanks to the December hook-up) but it is money I could keep in my pocket.

Are photobooths worth it or not?  Discuss.


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Re: Photobooths?

  • Does it come with an attendant and guest book? It might be fun to capture moments throughout the night. 
  • I really wanted a photobooth but all I found were too expensive.  Still trying to figure something out that would be kinda like that lol.  I love pictures and I think it would be fun for the guests...I know I'd love it!
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  • It sure does Redshoes.  I had her throw in the guestbook.  Four hours of service with an attendant.  Still want to know if its fun enough to justify the cost (even though it's a pretty good deal).

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  • I've seen other people ask this, and the answer usually is "people ended up using it much more then I expected, had more fun than I thought they would, and I got a lot better pictures then I thought". =)
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  • our photog is setting a photobooth area up for us :D

    So excited.

    The really are a lot of fun!
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  • I say GO FOR IT!!! Every time they are at my resort....the guest's go crazy! All the props, etc... along with some libations help guests come out of their shell. What a fun way to capture more moments throughout your day!

  • I originally wanted to include this but ultimately decided against it.  It would have definitely been a splurge and I wanted to use the extra money to increase our flower budget.
  • We are using one my mom decided to add it to our budget as an extra because she liked the idea so much. It fits 10 people, it comes with an attendant and a prop box and they make the scrap book guest book right there. I'm excited and I have heard great things about them and the were very reasonable. I think that if you are thinking about it and have the money in your budget go for it! I've heard of people using it as their favors too so it replaces some cost there!
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    Honestly, they aren't for me. I would rather spend that money on something else, and none of the weddings I've been to where the bride and groom has had them has the photobooth been used. It just sat there.

    I think it depends on your crowd. Not enough of my guest list would use it enough to justify laying out money for it, at any price. So basically, read your guest list. Are they a fun-loving crowd that would love it, or are they like my guest list and mostly composed of older family that wouldn't get into it?
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  • My photographer actually contacted me two weeks ago, apparently they are adding one to their services in 2011 and they want to try it out on a couple of their 2010 couples, so they put all their couples' names in a hat and we won!!!!  There's is a bit different though - the guests will get a 4x6 print and we will have everything on a disc.  I really wanted one but didn't want to spend the money, so I am excited we will have one at a great price - free!
  • AHHHHH!  Making it so tough.  I was going to set up a DIY one regardless, but then I got to thinking about our (rather expensive) camera being on a tripod, manned by a bridesmaid or some other reliable family member.  A.) I don't want to put anyone to work at the reception and B.) I don't want our camera to break.  My guests are older, but they're hams, and my co-workers are all professional drunks! LOL! So I do think it'll get used.  Maybe I'll have them cut down on the hours like 3 instead of 4.  AKG, I definitely see where you're coming from.  There is a slight 'cheese' factor to them, but I'm a bit cheesy! :) 

    My planner just reminded me to stay on budget.  A friendly reminder.  Also, she warned of the 'Vegas' feeling going on at the reception.  Some things for me to chew on.

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  • I'm having one.  It was my present to myself.  I'm SUPER excited about it.  I paid extra so it will print two photo strips, one for the guestbook and one for the guests to keep as a favor.  So if you haven't bought favors already and have money alloted for that, you could take from there...

    My photographer was super excited that we are having one.  She thinks they really capture another side of the guests.  Instead of a book with people's names in it, I am going to have a funny yearbook of everyone at my wedding.  It will be like a time capsule of my family and friends.  Plus I get a CD of all the pictures and they are put on a website (so if somebody gets silly in there and doesn't post it in the guestbook, I'll still see it later! ;p)

    It was expensive though, and its defnitely an extra.  But if you could squeeze it in, I would!
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  • We are using one and we also got a great deal on it.  It prints out two strips, one for us and one for them.  The one for us will go in our guestbook and they will sign next to it.  The other one is going to be counted as their favor.  Since we counted it as the guestbook and favors, it actually wasn't much of an extra cost for us!
  • I say Go for it!!! We are having one and  have had great exoeriences with them at other weddings. I would of course look at your guests and see if you think your guests would like them, but Come on, after a few drinks who wouldn't wanna get in a photo booth!! I think it's going to be a blast =)
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  • I definitely will get one if money always. I have a great deal on one too but just waiting to see if the numbers will work out.

    I think cutting the hours down may be good if it saves you money but when would they set it up? You don't want them setting up during the reception...
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  • Ugh!  They set up waaaay before, but now my venue says that photobooths are set up in the cocktail hour, which sometimes keeps people on the dancefloor.  That's not cool.  I might have my photographer take a snapshot of each guest in front of a fun backdrop.  This is driving me crazy.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Seriously, thanks ladies!

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  • I say if it's not in your budget, don't splurge on it. You're already paying for a DJ and the guests can have fun dancing! Plus, even though photobooths are unexpected, they definitely aren't the unique reception component they once were.

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  • We decided to go for it because we both liked the idea and although like pp said it's gaining popularity neither of us has been to a wedding that had one; so in our group of friends and family it will be unique. Plus our crowd is one that will have fun with it. We only went with it when we got it for half off though. It's ended up being $350 for 3 hours, including a prop box and they will use any logo/monogram we want on the photo strip so it will double as a favor and be used in our guestbook. I was worried too about what time they would set up since it's only for 3 hours, but ours can be set up anytime in the 2 hours prior to our time slot. I'm pretty excited about it, it's one of the things we haven't told any of our guests or family about yet.

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  • FH & I always take photobooth pictures when we travel, so it's sorta like our tradition. We both decided it was a "must" even if it meant money from the floral budget.
  • I LOVE the idea and wish I could afford one. Every one I spoke to came with an attendant and a guest book, or keepsake photos for the B&G of some kind. It would be so much fun!

    I'm settling for the disposable cameras on each table. I bought $1.99 cameras on WeddingChannel and only ended up spending about $35, so it was much much cheaper in the end....I don't think there will as many photos, or that it will be as much fun, but it will still be good.
  • I say totally!!!! They are so much fun. I have only been to one wedding with it and it was a total hit! We are getting one. We live in the Tampa area and we got a killer deal at $300 for an actually true photobooth (not the kind the "photographers" set up) and we are so excited. Ours didn't include a prop box, but we already have so many props and we are waiting until halloween is over to raid the clearance bins! 
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