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December 2010 Weddings


Everyone is getting down to the little details now...it's so fun, but still so odd to me.  I don't think I'm going to have a makeup trial.  I never wear makeup and if I did put any on it would be so faint that no one would really be able to tell anyhow. 
I did however, want to put some nails on since my own nails are less than perfect.  I was thinking about having some short french manicure nails put on...but then I started to wonder if I should have a design put on them or maybe have some color...red is one of our wedding colors.  But I never wear nail polish either and I didn't want that to distract me on our day.
I was wondering what all you ladies had planned...fake nails, a manicure and nail polish?  short or long?  design, color, french manicure?  I'd love to hear!
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Re: Nails

  • I'm going for a mani/pedi the day before the wedding and having my nails (short) and toes done in Hot pink - the same as I did for our engagement pics.

    If you've never had fake nails before and you don't plan to keep them up I wouldn't recommend doing them just for the wedding. They can be really hard on your nails - I used to have them and when I stopped getting them done and let them go natural it took about 6 months for my nails to look normal again. But since you said short is sounds like you just plan to have a french manicure done which I think is so pretty.

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  • My grandmother and mother would tell you that brides shouldn't have bright colored polish on their fingers.  But I think you should do whatever you want!

    I'll probably get a basic manicure with a light peachy/pink polish b/c that's what looks best with my skin tone.  I think I will do natural and keep them trimmed shortish before the big day to hopefully prevent breakage.
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  • Im doing a mani/pedi also.  Im getting french manicure on my nails and toes but ill just get the tips for my nails.  Im keeping it neutral.
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  • My mom usually has her nails painted all crazy - right now they are zebra stripes so I'm pretty sure I won't hear anything from her.  :-)

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  • I'm a fake nail fan.  I know they tear up your nails, but my hands look man-ish without them.  And because I'm a "hand talker" I like having them.  I will be going with a french on both, but just fake nails on my hands. 
  • Mani/Pedi Spa day the day prior. I have long natural nails so just going to polish them up. I want a french manicure but I feel like because my nails are real, it chips easier. If not french, a soft pink or nude will work.
  • I always have my nails done so I'm going to have a french manicure.  I will get the gel nails and white tips.
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  •  I am a French manicure only girl. But when I want to add color, I will have my tips painted the color of my choosing instead of using white.

    I think that is what I will be doing, using one of my wedding colors on my nails. Although, one of the best nail jobs I've ever had was when I painted each nail tip a different shade of blue, repeating the pattern on my other hand and feet and then adding small white polka dots over the color. It is unique and fun, and I think I may do that. The trick for me right now is to keep my nails from breaking, I hate fake nails.
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  • I know what you mean about it being distracting if you dont usually have your nails painted. I'm the same way. I like to stick with manicured hands with the clear polish they use for French Manicures...The one that has the pink hue though. It's pretty but not too much. I quit getting real French Manicures when I couldn't keep the white polish from chipping.

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    I wear fake nails all the time, because my nails are so brittle on their own... Which I know is horrible! LOL... But I think they look better then the nubs that I have without them, since I used to bite mine ;-) But I now just get tips with the American Pearl overlay and Dark Pink Powder, because I think that it looks more natural then the plain white tips :)

    As far as a design, I'd say go for it!! Its your wedding :) go all out!!

    ::My mom NEVER has gotten fake nails, and she said that she is thinking about it for my wedding, and that she thinks that she will only do it 2 times in her ENTIRE life!! I was like, so You'll get them done for my wedding, and my brothers... Her answer yes!! LOL:: (Sorry just a cute story)
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  • I am keeping mine natural as well.  I will be getting a manicure the day before & I think I am going to go with red since it is one of my wedding colors!  I love bright nails
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  • I am doing pink toes, to match the girls and a french manicure. That's the most formal to me. Hopefully I will have time to get them professionally done...but whose got time for that??
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