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December 2010 Weddings

Whats people thoughts

okay so i found out today that my reception site is not goign to be available on my date. My second choice is not available either but is available on Friday night instead of Saturday what are peoples thoughts of a Friday night wedding??
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Re: Whats people thoughts

  • I've only been to one Friday wedding and it was fine.  It was actually nice to still have a full weekend after wedding festivities.  My only complaint was that the ceremony started too early, it would have been nice if I could have worked a full day and gone to the wedding in the evening, maybe start around 6 or 7.  But everyone is different, just my two cents :)

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  • I don't mind the idea of a Friday wedding. I think it would be nice to give people a three day weekend, or a bang up start to the weekend, but I feel like more people wouldn't come if they had to miss work....

    If most of your guests are OOT anyway though, it shouldn't be a problem. They pretty much have to take a day or two off for travel, I'd think.

    Cheaper vendors on weekdays!
  • we were thinking of starting it around 6 or so then people wouldnt have to take time off.

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  • I think that they can be very hard for OOT guests and like pp said even the local guest will need to take off from work to be at the ceremony.  Even if it starts at 5pm.  But I say go for whatever works for you. I have been to a few Friday weddings and really didn't mind.  
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  • Our wedding is Friday, Dec. 17th. The ceremony starts at 7pm. It's a full Mass, so the reception starts at 8:30 and goes until midnight.

    The late start times also deter people from bringing their kids, but being early enough to where the adults can have an awesome time at a party.
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  • I agree with PP... I like the fact of having the rest of the weekend... Not that I woudln't want to spend the time with friends that are getting married.. but I love the Weekends!!!
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  • Love Firday night weddings...I say go for it!
  • As long as the ceremony starts later, I think it's fine!  Mine is a Friday (NYE), but a lot of people have off for the holiday, and most are out of staters so they have to be off for travel anyway.
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  • At this point, having a venue is the most important, so if it's only available on Friday, I say BOOK IT!!  People will understand.  My friend had a Friday wedding and it was fine.  I wouldn't wait much longer, because it's getting to the 3 month mark.

    Good luck! :)

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  • I have been to a Friday night wedding and it worked out fine.  Like everyone else said if you start it later in the evening people should show up cause they wouldnt have to take off work.
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  • FRIDAY ROCKS!! Hope you get some added discounts, too! Make sure to push for them!
  • OH true I forgot about that!  Yeah def. check about discounts.  I was only able to book our venue because it was a million times cheaper 1)Because it was a "weekday" - Friday  and 2) It's the off season.
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  • All the NYE brides on here are having Friday weddings.  (And we get discounts for Thursday night rehearsal dinners... my rehearsal dinner venue is SO much cheaper on thursdays)  I agree with a previous post, you should book it soon!
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