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Visiting OBX next Week to Meet with Vendors!!

Hi Everyone!

Next Week, we are heading down to OBX for a few days for a round of vendor meetings/tastings! We are so excited to finally get the heavy duty planning started! And we still have a couple of vendors left to book.

Here is my agenda...did I miss anything?  
Did any of you do something different/special when you did pre-wedding visits?

-Meet with Renee Landry
-Meet with Sugar Snaps
(any reviews of either would be helpful, as both of them have been very responsive over email. I would like to decide shortly after our visit)

-Meet with Bonnie at 108 Budleigh!!

-TBD possibly meet with Shin Digs Rentals at 108.

-Meet with our DJ, Matt Cooper

-Tasting with Ortegaz!!

-Hair and make-up Trial with It’s Royalty

(whew! What a day!!)



Sweet-e-Pies Cake Tasting with Robin

Tasting with Atlantic Cakes


Have any of you had any experience with Shin Digs? I met with them by chance on our initial visit to Budleigh and Allison had sent out a quote relatively quickly. But I've been trying to get in contact with her since about meeting with me when we come visit and to finalize a contract and have had no luck hearing back.  I’ve always assumed I would use them b/c of their connection and proximity to the site, but now its made me wonder if I should look at other rental places?


Also, we want to check out a few restaurants that would be good for our rehearsal dinner.  Any suggestions? There will be about 15 of us.  I was hoping to have it in Manteo, since our ceremony is right there, but it certainly can be back more in the Nags Head area as well. 


As always, thanks for the help!!

Re: Visiting OBX next Week to Meet with Vendors!!

  • For your rehearsal in Manteo try 1587, yum!! What about a photographer and an officiant?
  • i second 1587 - DELISH and it's right next to 108.

    I met the girls from Shin Digs at the expo and while touring 108. They were very nice and have a wonderful relationship with the ladies at 108.

    Also, Bonnie was really wonderful. While we didn't go with that venue, they were so great and helpful. You should feel excellent about that choice.

    I met with Renee - I loved her set ups that I saw while at the expo- but I'm most likely not going to go with her. She was super nice and has so much to offer. I just want to meet with sugar snap before deciding. It's going to sound so stupid, and I know it was a mass e-mail, but it was just too girly and giddy for me. I'm not a girly girl, so when an e-mail includes "we can giggle together" it just throws me off.
  • So exciting! I miss wedding planning. We used Shirley and she was fantastic! When I found out the week before going down that I needed to get ribbon to Great Cakes before we arrived for the wedding, Shirley took care of it for us. I notice you are only meeting with one caterer, I suggest meeting with at least 2 to help make a decision. Also, noticed no photographer. Not sure if you've already booked with one, but I would suggest meeting them in person.
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  • Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for the posts.

    Photography-we have already booked Coastal Shots.  And of course, the week we are coming down, is the week he is on vacation! Oh well! Cant win them all!

    My officiant is actually my best friend! So i've got that covered!

    And we have already actually booked Ortegaz (based upon initial emails, reviews, correspondence, and that general 'good vibes' feeling).  So I am very excited for the tasting.

    Yes, Shini Digs, Allison was very nice at first, thats why its throwing me off that she isnt responding after two attempts.  Maybe I'll give another day and try calling?

    Bonnie is awesome! she writes back in two seconds!

  • I am using Pamlico Jack's for our rehearsal dinner, which is in Nags Head.  We will be in the upstairs room so hopefully we have a great sunset that night!

    I was between Renee and Sugar Snaps.  I don't think you can go wrong.  I went with Renee just because I felt like we vibed more together and she made me more excited about my wedding when we talked ideas.  They were pretty similar in price for what we were looking for so it definitely is whoever you feel a better connection with.

    Good luck!

  • Yes, hopefully you like the food there! This is their slow time now so she may be on vacation or something along those lines. Have you called, or only emailed? I would suggest calling before giving up. On the flip side, if they want your business, they will get back to you.
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  • I talked and got quotes from both Renee Landry and Sugar Snaps.  I ended up going with Sugar Snaps because she offered more pricing options.  In the initial quote she sent a number of ideas for each item (such as bouquet, centerpieces, ceremony decor) with different price points.  The quote from Renee was more expensive.  When I asked for different pricing options, she did offer a cheaper price, but it was just by making a change to the existing flower ideas, not offering any alternatives.   

    I think both probably do a really great job, but we're having a pretty small wedding and I'm trying not to go crazy with spending so I really appreciated the budget friendly options that Sugar Snaps provided.  
  • We just scheduled a tasting with Cotton Candy Baking Company! So excited. We tried their items at the expo and we know we will book them but couldn't resist another chance to taste! We are also trying to meet with a few caterers and the florist that we picked to go over ideas!
  • How did your hair & make-up trial go?  I also used It's Royalty Salon & 108 Budleigh and loved how everything turned out.  It was really nice having the bridal suite to ourselves that morning so we could relax and have a good time.  I was bummed that we couldn't have any alcohol for morning Mimosas, but we had margaritas back at the house waiting for us, so we were good ;)

    We worked with Susan from Atlantic Cake Co and I just loved her!  She was definitely one of my stress-free vendors and the cake was delicious yet simple, just like I pictured :)  Our rehearsal dinner was at Pamlico Jack's and it was delicious!  The upstairs room was quite spacious and the sunset views were perfect.....the main reason I chose it.

    While I just love Alison from Shin-Digs, I couldn't say the same for their pricing.  I received quotes from them as well as Ocean Atlantic and Metro and we ended up going with Ocean Atlantic b/c of pricing and having the place settings that I wanted. I would call around and get some quotes. Also, she could just be really busy following up with other brides since the expo was just in Jan. I am sure she will get back to you soon....but I'd still get other quotes just to compare.  One other thing; none of the rental companies had any silverware that I liked and none of them had the teal and tangerine colors I was looking for, so I rented some of the linens and silverware from here in RIC and took them down with me.  I explained where I was getting married and they only charged me for the 1 day and it was actually a little bit cheaper had I actually found something in the obx and rented there.

    My H and I went to dinner at 1587 the night before the rehearsal and it was so romantic! It is a very small and quaint restaurant and I highly recommend reservations and a window seat so you can see the water.  With all of the busy events of the week, we just wanted a nice quiet dinner to have some alone time before the craziness mind you, but still crazy ;) My H isn't a big seafood eater, so he had steak and said it was by far one of the best he had ever had! 


  • Hi Everyone!
    So, to follow up from my trip:

    We had the best time! I love OBX so much, and being down there in the winter is so soothing and relaxing. Still got to go to all of my favorite places, but no lines. But there is nothing like the summer, of course!

    i met with both florists. Renee and Shirley. Both were fabulous, well informed and professional. But, in the end, we decided to go with Renee! She just really 'got' what I was trying to do for the big day.

    When we went to Budleigh, Bonnie was sick, so she couldn't meet us :(
    but Allison met us there and she was great! Put my concerns to ease and easily answered all of my questions. I am still waiting on a quote though so I will want to double check the prices, etc

    Matt Cooper was fantastic as well. Professional, Knowledgeable, prompt. Couldn’t ask for more at an initial meeting.

    My hair and make-up with It's Royalty, Linda was a blast! She took into account my tastes, and the pictures I brought. Very easy and fun...and I looked fabulous after the trial was over. too bad we weren't doing anything special after the trial...I ended up napping in the hotel room. We were exhausted!

    For cake, we tasted Atlantic and Sweet-e-Pies. Both were very good, tasty, and both were professional and had our tastings fully prepared for us. It was a HARD decision! But, something about Robin from Sweet-e-Pies really had me hooked. Maybe b/c we met her at her house and her little girl was running around 'spying' on us and running around giggling. the whole experience just made me smile and getting an insight on Robin's every day cake baking life in OBX was nice...and she was a tad bit cheaper than Atlantic.

    BUT, the BEST part of the weekend was far and away the tasting from Ortegaz!
    The food was amazing...really, really delicious! Lisa and her husband sat with us the whole time (except when they were actually cooking the food!). We threw around tons of ideas and they seemed genuinely excited to be catering our big day. We were stuffed silly, by the time we left!
    They made the afternoon so special for my fiancé and I. It is a great memory that I will look back on fondly.

    Thanks for all of your help and suggestions

  • I'm so glad everything went well! I'm going down to taste with Ortegaz' this coming weekend. I already booked them and I'm so pumped after reading your review :)  Meeting Shirley too!
  • Anna-let me know how it goes! Have SO much fun! We wish we could do it again!!
  • akryz when is your wedding?
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