Hello.... I'm reposting this because I think something got messed up with my first post (or just no one responded, which is cool too).

What site did you all use for photosharing?  Did you use a website with an email and login that you shared, or did you do a photosharing site like Shutterfly offers?

Also, how did you print your photosharing cards? Did you use an online site like VP or Or did you print yourself?

This is my first DIY project....

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    I used Shutterfly to create the photoshare site.  I password protected mine but I don't think that you need to.  I created my photoshare cards through Vistprint, taking advantage of the 250 free business cards deal.  All-in-all, with the upload charge and shipping, I paid *maybe* $8.  PIB.
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    So yeah - 100% ditto everything Jen said.  LOL.   Shutterfly.. password.. vistaprint.    Although instead of putting the photoshare cards on the tables at the wedding we put them in the thank you cards.  (Not planned, we actually forgot to put them out at the wedding.  But it worked out nicely, since a lot of people had photos uploaded by the time we did thank yous)
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    Great, thanks!  I appreciate the tips.  I'm going to look into both today. :-)
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