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Welcome New Knotties! (I Know You Are Out There.....Come Out...Come Out!!)

I see a lot of activity over the past week.....I was on vacation in OBX!  Glad to see that so many of you have decided on such a gorgeous place for your wedding :)

Tell us a little about you and FI met?  Why did you decide on OBX?  Venue?  Time of year?  Do you have any fur-babies?  Pics are a bonus ;) Anything else you would like to add as well :)

If there is anything you need at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us!  Welcome and congrats to all of you!


Re: Welcome New Knotties! (I Know You Are Out There.....Come Out...Come Out!!)

  • hi ladies

    so i'm a newbie! i got engaged last week while we were on vacation in obx!

    i met my fiance and i met May 15th, 2005. I mainly remember that day because it was the monday after the end of my freshman year of college and my first day at my summer job. but it's also cute to say it's because that's the day i met my man.

    we were attracted to eachother instantly but were dating other people at the time. so we became fast friends which lasted for a while. we started dating officially in march of 2007 and have been together since!

    we've been vacationing in obx with my family since we started dating. he used to come down as a kid but hadn't in several years. needless to say, we fell in love with the area. i'd always wanted a caribbean wedding, or at the very least, a beach wedding. since i work at a school (i'm about to start my year-long UNPAID internship as a school psychologist), in order to be fair to others, i'm not having my wedding during a school vacation, i'm looking at a june wedding when school lets out. too hot for florida and the caribbean...but why not at the OBX! sooo obx it is.

    unfortunately, since my internship is unpaid and i don't want to put the entire financial burden on him, we're looking at a june 2014 wedding. i will have (hopefully) be working for a year by then.

    as per requested- this is our little man. his name is chili and he is the BEST dog EVER! he's a rescue baby- some lab- some pit- some greyhound...and a whole lot of love. it's VERY important to me that he partake in our wedding, or at the very very least, that he come down with us to the rental for the week.

  • also, i feel as though i should explain why i've been a member of the knot for so long! i have a good friend who used to work at the magazine in new york and several of her friends had joined as per her request. plus, i'd occasionaly come on here and browse through the gorgeous dresses!
  • Congrats and welcome!  I know that you are still basking in the excitement of your engagement :) 

    Your dog is too cute and I love the idea of having him there with you!  It's a touchy subject across the boards as some don't feel that a pet has a place in a wedding, but I'm all for it as our yellow lab, Sarabelle, was our ring bearer....and she was perfectly behaved may I add :)

    Have you looked into any venues yet?  That will be the first task at hand and some of us have booked venues while some are having theirs at an event home.  Their are pros and cons to both, so it's a big decision.  The Outer Banks Wedding Assoc is a great resource in all of your planning: Finding a venue is key, then officiant and matter what your checklist may say, those 3 should always go first in the obx, as the best ones get booked quickly! 

    What kind of wedding are you thinking?  We are more than happy to help with anything we can :)


  • I actually fell in love with twiddy's dream. i'd say i'm 90% set on it. i went to visit and looooved the home. loved the area, the horses! everything.

    my main concern is that i'm not sure how i would feel with cars driving behind me during the ceremony. i saw someone's wedding video (they did a beach ceremony and reception in the dream) and the cars that drove by were a bit distracting. i *think* it wouldn't bother me...but i'm not really sure. i loved carova beach.

    the other potential problem is that my family doesn't feel as though the deck is spacious enough for the wedding. i've spoken to them and it definitely will hold more people than we would ideally have there...but i just can't see it! i know wild horse is lovely, but like i said, i really want a place that's dog friendly.

    so other possibility is the sanderling? beach wedding...pavillion reception? i don't know. i'm glad i found this board so i can see what other brides are booking and check those venues out.

    ideally we wil have no  more than 75 people. we're probably going to have to invite close to 130...i'm REALLY hoping no more than 100 come. if it were totally up to me i'd have 40-50 people max!
  • We are getting married at the Sanderling next Friday, Sept. 7th, using their Elopement package and adding an additional amount of guests.  Our list is only 26, but it's what we wanted, close friends and family.  We fell in love with The Sanderling and all their amenities when we visited it last year, September, when we vacation each year in the OBX.  They definitely can accomodate the amount of people you are looking to invite, with many options whether it be big or small.  We will have the rehearsal there, and then the Welcome/Rehearsal dinner back at our rental house the day before.  If you need more info, suggestions, or ANYTHING just ask away!  All of us are more than happy to help!
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