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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Help - scouting trip and wedding planners

Hi ladies,

I'm just starting to plan an OBX DW for May 2011.  I have a weeklong scouting trip (and vacation!) planned for the end of June - any advice on who I should meet with?  Of course I plan to check out (and book if I can) possible houses for the reception.  (Really loving Rendezvous, the Ritz in Duck, and a few others...)  Should I try to meet with caterers?  Florists?  Bands or DJs?  Bakers?  I'm not sure when I'm going to get back before the big day, so I'd like to make the most of this trip.  

Also - I'm planning a small wedding - about 50 is the goal.  I never thought I'd need a wedding planner but after reading some posts on the boards, I'm now thinking it might be a good idea to get some "day of" assistance since the reception will be at a rental house.  Is this an unnecessary expense that can go towards something else, or is it really worth it?

I'd love to hear from you if you have suggestions on either topic!  Thanks in advance!


Re: Help - scouting trip and wedding planners

  • hibiscus118hibiscus118 member
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    I would definitely meet with as many people as you can just so you can get a feel for them and to see if you really like them.  I went last June and met with my florist, cake lady and officiant.  Then we went in September to have e-pics taken and I met our photographers.   We won't have a chance to go down again except to get our marriage license but thats going to be a quick 2 day trip. I would start calling people now to see if you can set up appointments because this is their busy season.  

    I thought about hiring a wedding planner then decided it was not worth the expense.  I think it depends on you and if you think you need one.  For my wedding, I don't think there will be that many day-of things that we'll need to worry about. 
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  • lkleffkelkleffke member
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    plan as much as you can ASAP.  I am from Virginia Beach, but was in Texas at grad school for ALOT of the vendor selection process.  Trust me, everyone goes so quickly, especially the good vendors.  If you are having a Duck/ Northern Outerbanks wedding then I would suggest, as so many have, contacting Renee Landry soon -- her event design work is spectactular and she's  a creative genius.  Also, Emily Patti from Patti Cakes makes an awesome tasting (and gorgeous)  wedding cake.  She's from the mainland, but she does a lot of  outer banks weddings.  I would do your research, figure out the top two vendors you'd like for each category and then call and set up appointments with them for the time you're out there.  I did that and had all of my vendors finalized within 3 days.  It means alot of meetings in a very short period of time, but it will help you get that portion of the planning out of the way.  If you don't do it as soon as you can, it will become a huge headache later one down the road.  Good luck!
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    We are getting married at the Grande Ritz Palm in Duck.  Leslie is the contact at Brindely Beach and she has been great to work with.  We are also using a planner, Nannett with The Proper Setting.  We have decided to just use her "day of" service.  She has been available for questions and referals but for the most part her job will be making sure I have nothing to worry about the day of.  Our caterer is Red Sky.  We are using them for rehearsal and reception.  They do a sit down tasting with you, well worth your time to actually get to taste the food you will be having on your big day.  If you need any other advice please feel free to email me directly.  [email protected]
  • LRPardyLRPardy member
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    Marsha Johnson of Great Cakes is both a cake maker and officiant.  She is amazing and I can't wait to work with her more closer to my date.  I can concur recommending Renee Landry.

    On top of it all, make sure you have a GPS in your car as both Marsha and Renee work out of their homes.

    Have a GREAT time!!!

  • dwfangirldwfangirl member
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    Thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone!!

    LRPardy - we don't have our exact date yet but it looks like we will be pretty close to each other!  Also, just noticed that we have the exact same ticker - fun!  :)
  • rossarvarossarva member
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    I think it depends on the kind of event you want to have.  We are using Nannette from the Proper Setting also.  She is wonderful!  We have been able to get everything done in two small weekend trips with her help.  She also gives you a very specific timeline on what you need to accomplish each month, so it is helpful when booking vendors.  Good Luck!
  • LRPardyLRPardy member
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    Kelly, we're getting married mid-week on April 20, 2011.

    Happy in-person on the OBX planning!!!

  • lmlo22lmlo22 member
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    Definitely have a wedding planner - you want to be able to enjoy your wedding day, not running around making sure all the details are taken care of! I highly recommend Nannette from The Proper Setting - she is absolutely incredible!
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