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Frustrated. Not losing weight.

I’m a little frustrated. I’m not losing weight, but I am losing inches. Overall, I feel better and I’m toning and clothes are looser, but I can’t seem to lose the weight. Do you have this problem too?

What have you done to lose the weight?

Re: Frustrated. Not losing weight.

  • What is your meal plan like? If you are not eating enough food then you are not going to see the results that you are trying to achieve. 
  • Hi! I'm on Nutrisystem. Eat at least 900 calories per/day with fruits/ vegggies.

    In Response to Re: Frustrated. Not losing weight.:
    What is your meal plan like? If you are not eating enough food then you are not going to see the results that you are trying to achieve. 
    Posted by BabyPanda1
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    900 calories is low and will send your body into starvation mode and not help you lose weight. You should not drop below 1200 calories a day for long term.  Go on spark people dot com. This is a free site that will help you set your daily calorie goal , track your fitness minutes and track your consumed calories.The calorie goal is based off what you need to lose and by what date you need to reach your goal. This site is totally free and I have been using it for over 5 years with a 70 pound maintained weight loss. Also are you exercising? If you REALLY want to lose weight you need to aim for at least 60 minutes of cardio about 5 times a week and 3 days of muscle building (think push ups, sit ups, arms, squats etc. Don't be afraid of weight training -it will help you increase your metobolism and burn more calories) Good luck and congratulations!

  • Rukaspooka13 has some pretty good insight! Eating less isn't the answer, eating healthy is! As long as you maintain a healthy and well balanced diet, the pounds will come off naturally as you exercise. Remember though, muscle weighs more than fat so you really shouldn't be deterred by not losing weight all the time. Just keep at it and don't give up! Good job and keep it up!
  • Remember, muscle weighs more than fat!!  If you are losing inches (and you are aiming to do so), then that is awesome!  Weight, schmeight...  You're probably seeing pounds from new muscle :) 

    And yes - agreed with posters ahead of me - PLEASE do not starve yourself!
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  • I'm been trying to lose weight/get in shape since last June.  Worked with personal trainer for 6 months...nothing.  Didn't lose a pound.  But I did see my body shape change a bit...like others mentioned, gaining muscle.  I've been this weight years ago and was a size 14...now, same weight (146) and I'm a size 10.... I still need to lose 10lbs...but, I'm coming to the realization that as long as I'm healthy...keep exercising...it is what it is!!  Wedding is a week away...not happening! :-)
    Keep doing what you are doing...eat healthy...exercise.  Stay away from processed foods...
    We gave that up about 6 months ago.  Good luck!

  • This happened to me when I started working out, particularly when I started lifting weights.  I felt like I was looking better, but the scale would not budge.  And then all of a sudden I dropped 5 pounds all at once.

    I think it was the whole, muscle weighs more than fat thing at first, and then that got caught up and my metabolism was boosed by the muscle, and it did eventually make the weight loss easier.  It just took a few weeks to see it on the scale.  Don't give up!!!

  • As Courtney and Marzipan have said, you're probably losing fat and gaining muscle. Don't worry too much.
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  • If you are losing inches, who cares how much you weigh?!? Ditch that scale, girl!! When you first start working out, you gain muscle and lose fat. Muscle weighs more than fat, so your weight may not change, but it doesn't matter if your clothes are fitting looser and your booty's looking tighter! 
    This is GOOD news!!
  • Also, if you're really worried about the whole weight versus inches thing, just go see a professional.  There are lots of certified trainers out there, even some at facilities with nutritionists on hand.  Let them evaluate whether you're eating too little/too much, whether your salt intake is making you retain water, or what everyone is telling you could be true--that it's weight from muscle and the inches coming off show that what you're doing is working.  It's these professionals' job to tell you how to get fit, so they can do it best.

    Also, buy a scale with a body fat analysis feature.  While body fat done on a scale isn't 100% accurate, like using a combo of a handheld meter and measurements, you'll see if your body fat is going down.  That could help you stay encouraged.  Mine even has a display for the amount of water in your system.  
  • This image is my favorite. I have no idea who it is but it is the BEST to show that your weight means nothing when it comes to how healthy you are. As PPs have mentioned, you're most likely not seeing weight go down because of muscle growth. Ditch the scale - it just hinders your progress!!

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