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Please help!

160 days away from the wedding and still no flowers!  Anyone have any suggestions/referrals for a july wedding in oakland?  i'm on a very meager budget! Also not opposed to DIY-ing the centerpieces
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Re: Please help!

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    Did you check out the flowers budget post two posts down?  There are a bunch of websites listed for people who can do flowers on a budget.  The lady I listed helped my mother with my flowers, but she does set wedding packages that start at about $400.
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    i'm DIYing!  so thats my rec.  its totally doable if you dont care about everything looking exactly the same/uniform.
    i'm just going to get all my flowers at the SF Flower mart the day before and throw em together w/ my BMs and the moms.  DEF a great way to cut cost...if you can swing it. 
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    You can also get flowers in bulk from Sam's Club or
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    Look into the farmers markets but talk to them ahead of time!
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    Nicole Shaffer with Thistledown Design.  She is super talented and very sweet and the best part---she works with your budget!  She's based in Oakland/South-San Francisco.
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    There are some flower wholesalers that are open to the public.  If you're crafty, you can get bunches from there and then DIY centerpieces and boquets.  Have you thought about non-flower centerpieces, like candles, pictures or a special memento? 
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    Hi there,

    I would look into Costco as well. I actually am going through them for my wedding in April of next year. When you call, ask for the floral department, and they will give you a number to the venue they use, they will give you a good deal.

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