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Amazing Engagement and Wedding Photographers

I just got engaged and I am looking for an amazing Photographer.  Who is reasonable and amazing.  I am having a hard time looking for photographers.  Does anyone know any amazing photographers.  I want the wow factor with not that much shadowing.  That reside in the south bay.  Please please let me know. 

Re: Amazing Engagement and Wedding Photographers

  • Hey.

    So I live in the south bay too.

    I am very lucky to have a mother who is a spectacular professional photographer. 
    And her very best friend is also a really great photographer.

    My mother has a more classical, soft light beautiful style.
    As evidenced below.

    And her friend Chris has a more eye popping fashion mag look
    Here are some of his pics here are a few examples

    They both do weddings but I don't have any of their wedding pics on hand.

    If you are interested I can get you the contact info.

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    George Nathan Photography. He is now in the East Bay area. Check out his work to see if you like his style.

  • Thank you but I already found my photographer

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