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Honeymooning in SF in 8 days - need advice!

Hi!  My FI and I will in SF for a couple of days starting Labor Day and I was wondering if you'd suggest we get a rental car or just rely on public transportation/taxis to get around?  We were planning on driving to Yosemite so will sure pick up a car for that trip but didn't want to pay for a car that would end up sitting in our hotel's parking ramp for 3 days if you didn't think we would need it.  We'll be staying at the Intercontinental if that helps...

Also, would love to hear clothing suggestions for your weather since we'll be coming from a humid Minnesota climate!  Thanks :)

Re: Honeymooning in SF in 8 days - need advice!

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    1. Parking at the SF hotels is ridiculously expensive, so I'd only rent the car for the days when you know you'll be driving.  For SF sightseeing, you can definitely stick to public transportation.

    2. The SF weather is very variable throughout the day and the season.  We're in the Indian Summer, so it is the hottest time of the year, but evenings and mornings can be very cool, so bring layers.  Theres very little humidity, but somtimes the temperature can be in the 80s in the city.
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    I would bring a warm coat just in case.  Sometimes, it's still foggy in early September. A lot of people manage without cars.  Not only are they expensive and a hassle to park, but they're expensive to rent in the Bay Area in particular. 
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    always have a scarf and a hoodie with you.  thats what i tell all of my visitors. need for a car in the city.  its a PITA.

    let us know if you need restaurant recs or anything!  SF has AMAZING food!!
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    I agree with everyone, most hotels make you pay for the parking and you really don't need a car in SF. But definitely bring something warm! Last week was crazy in the 100's and then it has cooled down to high 70's but at night it sure does have a bite.

    If you would like I have a corporate code to rent with Enterprise if you want to try that to see if you get better rates, let me know. You can e-mail me at yjakel at
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