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Anyone advice about the Umstead in Cary?

My fiance and I looked at the Umstead today and we really liked it.  Most of guests would be flying in so to have them stay at the same site as the wedding would be great.  I would love to get feedback from people who have had their receptions there or have been to weddings there. Thanks!

Re: Anyone advice about the Umstead in Cary?

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    FI and I are getting married at The Umstead. All of our guests are flying in (small wedding) and we found the proximity to the airport appealing, as well as them being able to stay at the same place as the wedding. We're also having our farewell brunch there, the morning after.  I haven't had my wedding yet, but I saw your post had no responses and I wanted to let you know that I'm having a very pleasant experience planning everything. I don't think you should have concerns-- it's a luxury hotel with amazing food and service. Page me on the all NC board if you have any specific questions about it, I'd be more than happy to help answer anything I can : )  I'm going for the tasting in a few weeks-- I can let you know how it is afterwards (although I already know it will be amazing!).
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    Thanks:)  I'm sure I will have lots of questions for you as I get more evolved in my planning.
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    Any updates on the Umstead? I am also having my wedding there and interested in your progress so far. Are you having your wedding ceremony onsite? If not, are you going to get transportation for your guests to travel back and forth, especially for those out of town guest? I am in transportation limbo right now. Just curious.
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    Just my personal experience:

    I went to check it out on a day before I was going to meet a wedding planner there in order to try to get some information I could use to help me budget and itemize. I found the valet/doorman to be sweet and very accomedating. However, the front desk/concierge staff was awful and really very crass... I came in to simply ask for a packet of wedding information and a lady named Mary pointed to me and my finance's sister and said "I don't know if you have an appointment or not, but I know probably not since it's Sunday, but the person you need to contact is Amy Wheeler..." That is when my jaw dropped and I told her I actually had tried, both via email and phone. The girl next to her then took me aside and apologized.

    I would never take a chance on a place like this, where you hand over over $40,000+ for a modest size party (not to mention all the rooms they would book from the out-of-town guests a wedding brings in), and there's a fair possiblity a someone would be greated or treated in that manner.

    Anyway, since we where there they then asked a bellman to take me to the ballroom. After asking some questions and finally having some information to look at, I found the answers to be disappointing at best. For 300 people they said there wasn't enough space for a plated dinner unless they utilized the salon. And, the packages start at 185$ per person, which is not all inclusive, especially if you want 5-star comparable beverages. Those are at least an additional $20 per person. The hotel lacked ambiance and I personally thought the decor was too line-y and earthy. You also pay 3-4$ per head for valet as well if your guest choose to do so. The out door 'gardens' lack just that; All green and the fountain reminds me of a small spout in the middle of a common neighborhood pond.... and there are many, many other 'cons' on my list when it comes to the Umstead.

    What sealed the "NO CHANCE IN..." was the fact that Amy Wheeler called Monday morning while I was there and then emailed me that afternoon and I responded about my experience and how I would go elsewhere. She didn't ever apologize, attempt to contact me regarding it, or even respond with better words as the social, networking representative of the place. I hate that because I actually grew up in Cary, but I couldn't justify handing over all that money to a place that handled things badly.

    But I had a bad experience and am biased, obviously. If you choose it, I wish you all the best!
    -Des For honest reviews, recommendations, advice and ideas in the Raleigh, NC area please see my page on weddingwire: Xxo, Happy Planning!
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    I attended a wedding there last year and loved it.
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