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North Carolina-Raleigh-Durham

Ceremony Music

Hi everyone! I am looking for a string quartet to play at my outdoor ceremony and getting a little overwhelmed by the rates I am finding. Does anyone have any suggestions for a group that will fit my tight budget? Thanks!!

Re: Ceremony Music

  • edited December 2011
    If you live near a major university, music students are GREAT, they are good musicians, need the money, and since they aren't 'PROS' yet, they can't charge crazy rates. When I was going to school for music, I pretty much took whatever I could get. So, find a violinist, ask them if they have friends (they will know ALL the orchestra students) and tell them you'll pay them XYZ dollars, and I bet if it's reasonable (they probably will already know the music) they will take it. (I used to!)

    Good Luck!
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